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Full Jedi Academy version of Team Corellia 3 - requires full retail version of Jedi Academy to view. Video versions also avaliable.

Part 3 of Team Corellia takes our heroes to somewhere far, far more creepy than anywhere they have been before! Planet 1138, supposedly uninhabited CSA controlled World, is a location that Ackalas may potentially be hiding in. As their only lead to his whereabouts, Anders and company have little choice but to venture into the dark, forboding landscape. Has Agent Black lead the team into a deathtrap? In the most action packed episode of Team Corellia yet, danger lurks, waiting for our heroes...

Visit for more episodes and details on the series.

Full subtitle support is avaliable in both English and German - go to Setup -> Options from the menu.

Check the extras folder in the zip file for outakes!


Level Info:

Download: Team Corellia: Part 3
File Size: 27.9Mb
Date: 09/13/04
Author: Simon "Kengo" Williams
Downloads: 2083


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 1
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Yay! *Downloads*


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