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This is a Blue Yoda skin, for use by anyone who wants a change from the normal humanoid skin. Even though the textures themselves do not look great, they look surprisingly good in-game. Enjoy!


Level Info:

Download: Blue Yoda
File Size: 2.33Mb
Date: 09/13/04
Author: Wesley Morgan
Downloads: 1263


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 8
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Logo By Rieekan []

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jEDIkIRBYPosted: 09/14/04 01:47   Report Abuse
The skin icon shows just how much effort you really did put into this skin. Why exactly would I want a blue yoda anyway?

5 for some kind of originality, and actually being able to get it in game. Any more would be a crime against editing. Please, don't release your first edit, even if it was difficult and fun to make, people have a hard time realizing and accepting this, they just want quality models/skins.



The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 09/14/04 14:14   Report Abuse
Holy MSPaint Batman.


Macro_RoshumaPosted: 09/14/04 23:11   Report Abuse
Not bad, not bad. It looks like it was maid in PAINT though. Humph. Maybe you should try Darth Maul. HAHhaahahah!


*RingMaster481*Posted: 09/15/04 12:22   Report Abuse
Macro, why are you commenting on this, didn't you make it? Or maybe I'm just confused.


Thrawn42689Posted: 09/16/04 04:25   Report Abuse
No, RingMaster, I think you've got it about right.


jEDIkIRBYPosted: 09/17/04 01:48   Report Abuse
Dude, what the hell... He voted himself up, and posted on his own file trying to make himself look good, by making himself look bad. I am so confused.



Macro_RoshumaPosted: 09/22/04 16:30   Report Abuse
I didn't make this file! A friend of mine did! The only reason I posted a notice on the forum boards is because I wanted to give him publicity! Geez!


YoshiEggPosted: 09/26/04 14:40   Report Abuse
Well as a matter of practise I try to say something nice about everything people make because I know they spent time to make it, but this mod proves difficult. The mod itself on the con side looks like a nightmare of MSpaint but on the possitive side I like the colour blue so I'm gonna give you a 1 for that.


JuicerPosted: 11/25/04 04:26   Report Abuse
I think the blue yoda idea is sweet...just my opinion


Jay ShiskyPosted: 12/27/05 16:58   Report Abuse
wow he is ugly, no offence :b


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