A Restless Town During Tourist-Season

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A some-what small sabering-only level for 2+ players. High connectivity should cause some fun sabering even with larger groups.


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Download: A Restless Town During Tourist-Season
File Size: 387k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: NorthChaos
Downloads: 3062


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 14
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JuztynPosted: 06/23/00 19:51   Report Abuse
I have never played this level, but the author helped make JKRPG, so it must be cool.


TheBullPosted: 06/23/00 21:28   Report Abuse
this is one badass level. It's awesome!

this is definetly staying on my HD


VS_HellfirePosted: 06/27/00 11:12   Report Abuse
This level is great...but it is little bit laggy when use map.
That level is awesome...


ZealotPosted: 06/28/00 18:31   Report Abuse
Good level! Worth the HD space!

TJC Rating: 7.5 out of 10


PossePosted: 06/30/00 13:25   Report Abuse
I give it 9.2 out of 10. very swank. gotta love the item placement job.


JediLordPosted: 07/20/00 05:26   Report Abuse
Very nice level, but not the greatest for actualy playing games. I would still recomend it for DL. EXCELLENT mat placment.


SL_Ki-Adi-MundiPosted: 07/30/00 03:24   Report Abuse
I've always had tons 'o fun in this level, but no one seems to want to play it anymore... :(


NorthChaosPosted: 07/30/00 13:34   Report Abuse
Ki, I know few people who like playing it, and from now on, you can always host a game at MPG and play it as much as you want. :)


TN_CrusaderPosted: 08/05/00 16:39   Report Abuse
I'm gonna get the LVL, but, Why did you call it "A Restless Town During Tourist Season"?


NorthChaosPosted: 08/31/00 17:24   Report Abuse
I wanted an original name, and it also expains why the 'town' seems to be deserted.


howlrunner22Posted: 10/31/00 10:05   Report Abuse
Because he didn't call it Bar During Tourist Season, something which he should consider doing..... ;) (private joke)


Rancor_1Posted: 11/21/00 23:50   Report Abuse
This level was great! Only one tiny non-positive comment: some-what small? This level is HUGE! Not neccesarily a bad thing, if that's what you wanted it to be like. But if you've got few players, there's no fighting, if you've got lotsa players, theres so much latency it bursts the roof! Of course, that's beyond your control, so ignore these crazed rantings of an old, crazy man! ;-)! Anyway, great level. It musta taken you, what, two years to make it. It is so detailed and so good! Definetly top hole material. Only possible suggestion: make a slightly smaller version of it. Great level. Overall, a 9!


NorthChaosPosted: 11/27/00 11:07   Report Abuse
Hey, someone actually posted in here!
Yeah, it's bit big, but whenever I play it (2-4 players, sometimes bit more), all the action is still in a nice and small place, like in the stairs, in the outside area, or inside the buildings.
And it took me about 4 to 6 weeks, though those 2 final weeks were a helluva editing-crunch.


EX_GerrardPosted: 04/23/01 14:56   Report Abuse
Super Neato!!
im easily amused by this stuff so 8/10


KittyInAKomonoPosted: 10/05/01 11:28   Report Abuse
Someones in the kitchen with dina,someones in the kitchen with di-Oops!Hey great level man!I really enjoyed it,even though i was the only person in the mp!-_-* whatever,i give this cool level a 7,keep up the good work!


RyhamPosted: 10/07/05 02:11   Report Abuse
Why do you have to make it so dark?


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