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New weapons, new players, new enemies, no boots! This mod adds many custom features to JK. Including completely new weapons, a multiplayer like no other and enemies that use the same weapons as you.

New weapons include;

-Series Six Flare Gun: fires an energy concentrated flare bolt.

-Trigun: Pump-action weapon that fires three bullets per shot.

-Thermal dets with larger explosions.

-X527 Air Gun: Fires compressed air which causes the player to fly back a massive distance, watch out for Tuskans using this in single player.

-Ripper: Fires disks, in primary fire they will bounce off walls while in secondary fire they will explode on contact.

-De-Railer: An advanced version of the rail gun, the longer you hold down fire the mre bullets come out.

-Revolver: You standard 12 shot instant kill weapon. Bullets can pierce multiple targets.

-P9H1 Heavy Duty Cannon: Primary fire is a bullet that has a massive explosion, secondary is a one hit kill beam.

-Baseball bat: What can I say?

Characters in this mod will have special abilities so you choose your character depending on the situation and preference. The characters and their abilities are;

Rangi: One hit kill with a gun smack.
Jedi: Increases his speed by 5 times.
Mysterium: Places a hologram on the field that enemys will confuse for him, they explode after 30s
Med: Can fully heal himself every 30 seconds.
Avenger: Explodes upon death.
Enhancer: Endless night vision.
Sparx: Can survive a fall from any height.
Mandalor: Has a jet pack boost every 1.2 seconds.

Also some small minor features like two new force powers and heart beats when you get below ten health.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you read the manual before playing.


Level Info:

Download: Rangi
File Size: 1.38Mb
Date: 10/08/04
Author: a_person
Downloads: 710


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 6
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Daft_VaderPosted: 10/08/04 03:42   Report Abuse
This looks sweet!!! I'm downloading now and will rate and review later. The baseball bat sounds oh so delightful! ;-)


Macro_RoshumaPosted: 10/09/04 02:43   Report Abuse
w00t! this is an awesome mod! I love it when avenger blows up when he dies! Me and my annoying little sis were trying this out, ya know, having a batfight, and she kills me, and AVENGER TAKES CARE OF HER! w00t! 10 all the way!


DjDTMPosted: 10/09/04 02:54   Report Abuse


JMPosted: 10/09/04 02:58   Report Abuse
Med is way too unbalancing. I was literally invulnerable.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 10/09/04 03:22   Report Abuse
Official MassGames Review:

I played this with two other friends. Two of us were Meds, immediately realizing the huge advantage this class had, and one was an Avenger. At the very end, I switched to a Mysterium to try playing that creative class.

The whole concept of throwing people about became a dominant theme in our game. It started when I discovered that Force Throw was pretty much Force Rape, as I was able to usually instantly kill people and take their weapons. Combined with the airgun, this was an absolutely lethal combo, but it was balanced by the fact that while you could use this strategy to screw over your enemies, their deaths would only subtract their scores and not add to yours. So you could screw everyone else over, but you'd never win if you stuck to that strategy.

Mysterium was pretty fun to play, because the animation the ghost is frozen in is very believable, and serves as a great decoy when running away or for distracting someone from a distance.

The class that takes no damage from falls seems a little useless since the Med can heal himself after any reasonable fall anyway. I just realized however, that this class would probably be immune to the whole throw combo thing.

All in all, I hold gameplay mods very closely to my heart, and this, while maybe not the msot spiffy looking, is the msot fun mod I've seen for JK in a good while.


Daft_VaderPosted: 10/09/04 21:49   Report Abuse
Very good work. This mod may not feature the prettiest guns ever, but the gameplay factor more than makes up for these shortcomings. The new sounds were fun, the animations were good (especially the new TD), and the mod overall added a cartoony yet enjoyable gameplay experience to JK. I found the fact that enemies literally get blown away by 20 feet with oyu guns very amusing, and makes for some dodgy excitement in the first level. ;)

Overall, 10. The only things that could have been noticably improved, imo, upon were textures and perhaps some preojectiles. All in all, an impressive and captivating mod.


a_personPosted: 10/14/04 05:25   Report Abuse
Thanks for the feedback. Im hoping to make a Rangi v2 and in it fix all the things people have stated. So all feedback is welcome!


Darth SlawPosted: 10/14/04 23:18   Report Abuse
Quite fun!
Weapons are excellent. Models are done very well (especially the revolver -- nice lighted textures). And this thing uses JK's pov rendering, not a thing-based one. I'm also pleased that you have some nice sounds, like heartbeat and bullet ricochet. Speaking of sounds, perhaps you could increase the volume of the bigger explosions -- it's way too low. I stand only 20 feet away and it sounds much more distant than that.

I only got to try the avenger so far, but he was awesome! Any shortrange kills will result in some major kickarse :). However,I have one teensie little gripe -- the stuff in the kyle.cog s'not compatible with rbots. (For example, the avenger will not blow up when killed).
This should be fairly easy to fix, and I mention this mostly because I'm a very big fan of rbots.

Again, marvelous. 10/10. :)


BaradaPosted: 10/15/04 22:27   Report Abuse
it's great to still see people making mods for jk. The weapons look great, love the effects (conc main, and thermal explosions), and the whole class system is very cool.


PIPPosted: 05/14/05 22:56   Report Abuse
I love this mod. I give this a ten. who would have thought of somthing as creative and original as having features for every multiplayer charater. The weapons were cool to. Fun for both single player and multiplayer and you put alot of effort for both modes. If I can one thing bad about this mod is I can't say anything bad about it....IT'S FLIPPEN PERFECT!!!


PIPPosted: 05/29/05 16:04   Report Abuse
If I can say one thing bad....typo on the last comment :/


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