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The Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn. I will add Red/Blue team skins later. This skin does not currently have Bot Support.


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Download: Grand Admiral Thrawn
File Size: 645Kb
Date: 10/21/04
Author: L-5-R
Downloads: 677


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 7
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DS-181-4Posted: 10/21/04 07:06   Report Abuse
owwww! my eyes!!! his shirt is so bright! especially in that first pic.


Macro_RoshumaPosted: 10/21/04 14:09   Report Abuse
Grand Admiral thrawn aint a Chiss! And his shirt is supposed to be gray! 3 for the cool insignia.


GrantPosted: 10/21/04 16:55   Report Abuse
Actaully, He IS a Chiss and his Uniform IS white... know something before you post a comment like that.

The skin hurts my eyes... it's too... bright, a little more definition on the tunic would be better.


L-5-RPosted: 10/21/04 19:26   Report Abuse
I plan to tweek the brightness of his uniform when I sumit the multyplayer version.


MechWarriorPosted: 11/01/04 06:40   Report Abuse
Can anyone else in here say... MsPaint.


L-5-RPosted: 11/03/04 23:04   Report Abuse
Go ahead, won't do you any good.
I used Adope photoshop Eliments.
And no this is not the final model.
Its kinda a beta untel I relise the multi-player with bot support version.


Prince XizorPosted: 11/16/04 03:43   Report Abuse
Ok Macro. If he isnt a Chiss then why is the other thrawn skin we have a Chiss to?


THRAWN_18Posted: 12/05/04 22:51   Report Abuse
I like it!

And while the uniform is bright (could of used a little shades of white here and there), it pretty much does what it's designed to do.

And yes, he is Chiss.


L-5-RPosted: 12/07/04 23:19   Report Abuse

I plan to update thrawn soon. Im curently working on the Commandos of the Republic MOD for JA. If any one would like to help go to

May the Force be with you.


AgentKatarnPosted: 08/06/08 23:41   Report Abuse
You portrayed thrawn really good!
All the negative comments do not mean anything.


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