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Dark Forces Mod for JA - Second Demo

The Massassi Temple » Levels/Mods » Jedi Academy Single Player Level » Dark Forces Mod for JA - Second Demo


The Second Demo of the Dark Forces Mod. This demo is for Jedi Academy, and features the first 3 levels of Dark Forces. For more information, please check the readme, or visit our website!

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Dark Forces Mod


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Posted by
Posted: 2004-10-27 7:56 p.m.   Report Abuse
First comment! :D I loved this, it was sooo much fun, It's like DF times one million! download it now!
Posted: 2004-10-27 8:04 p.m.   Report Abuse
Fantastic work! Great effort, wonderful environments, neat details, lovely accurate level design, good models, interesting texturing, remarkable atmospheres are just among the many good things of this mod. The team's work really shines, and the aspects of Dark Forces are nicely portrayed. Quite entertaining for JA with guns, and presents a good usage of SP. Keep up the good work. {10}
Dart Zaidyer
Posted: 2004-10-27 11:00 p.m.   Report Abuse
This project has singlehandedly revived my faith in the idea that single player campaigns in Jedi Academy are actually worth doing. It's also way cooler than the previous demo for Jedi Outcast.

Wheras the first demo pretty much made a verbatim copy of the original Dark Forces level architecture, this one goes way beyond it and adds a lot of new and interesting detail. The Secret Base level is much better looking, especially the rocky terrain outside, and the sewers in Anoat look positively slimy, full of detail beams and struts... and huge, sticky piles of sewage.

But what benefits the most from this creative overhaul is Tak Base... I'm not kidding you when I say that it gives you a much better idea of the incredible destructive power of the Dark Troopers. That level alone is breathtaking. (not to mention resource-hogging in all its' detail.)

There are also new voice-overs to complement the added detail, and they are probably the only ones for a Jedi Academy addon in existence that actually sound GOOD. The actors chosen even do a decent job of impersonating the original DF cast.

The sound track is also very high quality. The only place it manages to suffer is when it tries to do John Williams pieces... No matter how good your midi synthesizer is, it's never going to match that. On the flip-side, however, it actually fits into the gameplay better than sticking in a pieced-together Williams score as Raven did. (probably because it was written to do so by the original DF team.)

The modeling work here is also top-notch. For the first time ever we get to see an awesome Moldy Crow in the JA engine, along with all-new internal weapon models and the likes of HapSlash's amazing Darth Vader and General Mohc in a full ROQ cutscene.

I also enjoyed the various elements that they actually included from Jedi Knight(!!!). It's so refreshing to hear that classic "Objective completed" chime, and the immortal "ugh" noise made by the stormtroopers.

This whole entity deserves nothing less than a perfect ten, in spite of the flaws that may exist. It's just too good, and I can't wait to see this project fully completed.
Posted: 2004-10-28 3:47 a.m.   Report Abuse
You soundtrack comment is a bit iffy... My MIDI driver can do a lot of things you know ]_] (I use the Yamaha XG Synth. If the MIDIs were made for it, it'd be almost exactly like what the original sound is supposed to be)

Anyways, haven't played, don't think I will for a while because my computer is terrible. I don't wanna play an amazing thing like this at 5 FPS :(
Posted: 2004-10-28 7:35 a.m.   Report Abuse
THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! It puts Raven to shame ;)

The only thing I didn't like was the part of Talay that was pre-bridge. I got utterly lost and confused with all the changes, but after that, it remained faithful.

I'm still a little scared to play Anoat, even though I know the Dianogas don't hide under the sewage like they did in DF. Maybe today I'll finish it.

Someone should write up a list of changes between this demo and the original DF, although it'd take a few days for that. The list is HUGE.

Overall, a PERFECT 10! I'd rate it higher if I could. Keep up the good work.
Posted: 2004-10-28 8:18 a.m.   Report Abuse
Although I can't play this right now due to computer troubles, I had the priviledge of beta testing these three wonderful levels, and they earn a 10. LotW.
Posted: 2004-10-28 10:48 a.m.   Report Abuse
i've been waiting for this for a while since i found it online over a year ago...

I never had the chance to play the orginal DF and I'm looking forward to playing this and finannaly seeing how it all started.

The archi and textures and stuff from the screens look really retro while still utulizing the beauty of the engine they are using, giving it a more crisp clean and nice look.
Posted: 2004-10-28 1:30 p.m.   Report Abuse
Wow. This is amazing. I played the first level last night and it was exactly perfect. Definately a 10. Wow again. Now to do that to Jedi Knight!
Posted: 2004-10-28 2:45 p.m.   Report Abuse
Goddamn you swines. No thought for the common 56Ker, I'll wait till this appears on the PC Gamer coverdiscs like the last one did.
Posted: 2004-10-28 3:07 p.m.   Report Abuse
this demo rocks. im only on Anoat (which is a pain, but it sure is pretty) but the first 2 levels were incredible, had to turn down the detail on the second one so i could actually play it. 2 question though, is there any way to implement the IR goggles or flashlight like in the original DF, i had to crank up the brightness to get through the first level. also, are they going to put in the fists?
can't wait for the rest
Posted: 2004-10-28 6:36 p.m.   Report Abuse
the fist are in there, they are the number 1 button.
Posted: 2004-10-28 6:41 p.m.   Report Abuse
this rocks, and i am a 56k user!
Posted: 2004-10-29 5:08 a.m.   Report Abuse
I'll give it a ten since I made 1.5 of the levels :D
Posted: 2004-10-29 8:04 a.m.   Report Abuse
I just played it for the 3rd time, and I decided I like all of Talay now, as it feels more like DF now...I think I want MORE added :O.
Posted: 2004-10-29 10:13 a.m.   Report Abuse
Stunning, an amazing interpratation of dark forces one. 10
Posted: 2004-11-07 4:30 p.m.   Report Abuse
Amazing rendition of Dark Forces. Great work by the mod team on this one in all aspects from music to maps to textures.

Posted: 2004-11-08 4:29 p.m.   Report Abuse
Holy Freaking Cow!!! This is GOOD! Please finish the entire thing, lol. I can't wait to play the Nar Shaddaa level! Oh and what was that level where you have to jump onto a rotating container to bridge a gap? Stormies overhead... that part rocks... This is such a perfect recreation of the Dark Forces atmosphere. It FEELS like Dark Forces, I give this a 10!
Kurt Plummer
Posted: 2004-12-18 9:33 p.m.   Report Abuse
I'm stuck trying to get into the sewers.

And having a ball anyway! :-)

However; 90+% of the enjoyment factor has less to do with recall of the original than a sense of 'new' (quality work) experience and in that I think you should continue to expand rather than try to stay totally authentic to the first DF.

In fact, it's actually been so long since I played it (my buy-it deciding demo was in DOS if that helps any) that about the only things I remember were the fixed-key view elevation system needed to shoot threats above you and the incredibly poor leaping skills of my character in negotiating seemingly simple vertical obstacles.

The first is fixed with a proper mouse POV-drive (thank goodness) but the latter is still the same ol' story of sissy 'tuck my knees and bunny hop' nonsense that makes Kyle look like a girl while jumping all of 1-2ft up, tops.

Mind you, he doesn't have to do acrobatics like a Jedi but... jeeze.

And the better he can jump, the more variety you can add to the 'how the game gets done' elements of 'physical puzzling'. Particularly the time limited stuff like the sewer gates and the ruins of the town where there are several should-be-reachable-but-can't balconies.

If nothing else, an ability to hang from a box and then 'chin up' scrabble atop it would be appreciated for non combat conditions.

A possible approach would be to have Kyle's walking pace be the slow jog we see now and then, as a function of some kind of power augmented boots, have his shift-speed be closer to that of a real sprint with combo moves possible for leaps.

This is something to especially consider when you get to the final level where that last-boss enemy up pounding on you with his fighting suit in a largely featureless hangar. I ended up using trip mine after trip mine and staying behind the small service door in the little hallway that led out into the hangar proper to win that one and found myself /very/ bored with the process.

The shield 'visor' (green with bronze clasp) thingies are not to the quality of the other stuff and detract from it overall. Same for the ammo clips. I almost wish somebody would give up the Easter Bunny (hunt for egg) stuff and just put fixed but large numbers of both ammo and shieldgear (100-200rds per clip, 50-150 points per shield generator) with each group of uglies you kill.

The style used should be like the cylindrical shield generators which were on everyones' belts in _ANH_ (Stormies, Han, everybody) but never 'shown' to be what they were.

An alternative is to go with 'something like' STF (shear thickening fluid) or MRF (magnetorheologic fluid) armor which harded under sudden accelerative pressure and presumably (for Star Wars) the heat of an inbound blaster bolt. Given that MRF in particular looks like black axle grease, it would make a LOT of sense for it to be the primary operating material in the Storm Trooper undersuits.

Which would let you simply switch out armor vests from dead troopers or 'drain the oil' from an existing one to replenish your own.

OTOH, making it take so many shots to kill ordinary folk (not wearing armor) kind've blows. I would rather be able to kill most gangland/civillian threats with one blaster bolt. And simply have more of them, in tighter quarters, to make up the difference. By not doing so, you effectively miss a great opportunity for a 'layered defense' (Rebel Blockade Runner style) in some of your longer hallways.

Frankly, I'm SO SICK of seeing Kyle dressed like some preppy Ivy League college freshman gone to a polo match. Drum up a set of utilities from /somebody's army/ and take off the bloody Cashmere sweather and Dockers dudes!

He doesn't have to look like an Imp (though, as a disguise, it could come in handy) but he should definitely be closer to a techno ninja-

Than an armed tourist.

Only when he is a Jedi and can use the force should Kyle go civillian. Right now (in a shooter) I want him to look and act the part of a blackops commando.

Indeed, the ability to show Kyle as one of several self-loading skins with things like spaceport ground crew orange coveralls or 'Bond, James Bond' stylish suit for diplomatic nightclub hopping could also improve the feel of an elite infiltrator rather than just another wardog mercenary (opening up more mission options).

Annnnnyway. I agree that the lighting sucks in the first level. No amount of menu brightness increase helps here.

And I also think that running about with your pistol 'flying up and down' in your pumping hand is a good way to get caught with your muzzle pointed the wrong way. Or worse, end up bumping into something and tossing your weapon completely.

Better by far to run like a tactically trained professional with your elbows tight and your upper torso body mass hunched over your belly/thigh center of gravity, gun up to just below your eyeline. See the header 'look where you point = shoot where you look' image below-

Posted: 2004-12-22 9:03 p.m.   Report Abuse
...what are talking about??
Posted: 2005-04-12 1:37 p.m.   Report Abuse
Definitely the best single player mod for Outcast/Academy I've ever played. There are still some bugs, but it is only a demo. My main areas of concern were the lack of the head lamp/IR goggles (the first level was very dark, moreso than I remember it in DF), a few missing secrets (or maybe I just couldn't find them), a few minor bugs in the atmosphere (raining indoors, some archi that did not clip), and some proportioning issues (certain areas felt more enclosed than they did in DF).

I was very impressed that they had the cutscenes, loading screens, and even a converted MIDI soundtrack. I really loved all the added detail in the levels: pipes, boxes, debris, ships, and lots more. The authors also took some "artistic license" in adding/changing a few of the areas (particularily in levels 2 and 3). For the most part, I thought the additions were great. I gave it a 9.
Posted: 2005-04-13 1:54 a.m.   Report Abuse
I'm not able to get this to open up... I may have a corrupt download. but from the screen shots it looks amazing.

I remeber reading something about how to use JA mods... or open them, but I'm not sure. and It would be amazing to see something like this done for Jedi knight... I'm currently learning to make levels just so I can get a team together and do that.

I can't wait to see this finished. It revives my faith in the fan base of games. Nice job
Posted: 2005-05-09 7:37 p.m.   Report Abuse
Since I never had DF...

[Force persuade] You WILL make the rest of the game.

Posted: 2005-07-31 3:07 p.m.   Report Abuse
Is there a walkthrough for this anywhere? I'm stuck in Talay. Can't find the "manual control room" for the bridge.

Update: I hadn't found the power switch yet. After more exploring, got the power on, then the doors worked.

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