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This is simply a touch up to the fantastic Skullytin skin of John Tinning, You'll see this if you look into the pk3 file, I left most of the items still named skullytin. I simply added the face and hands of the Darth Omega model from KAZZZ to give the model more of a Zabrak/Emporer feel.


Level Info:

Download: Lord Kaos Skin
File Size: 1.1Mb
Date: 12/25/04
Author: John Tinning and KAZZZ
Downloads: 2170


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 2
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The Last True EvilPosted: 12/26/04 16:57   Report Abuse
Looks a bit like the Crow, actually. But still very good. I'm only not giving you a mark because, frankly, I'm incompetent.


SM NightReaperPosted: 12/28/04 23:06   Report Abuse
a fairly good looking skin, aye it does look somewhat like scrow, i give an 8


EmonPosted: 01/07/05 05:59   Report Abuse
KISS Jedi!!


**LOR_SAN_KEIM**Posted: 02/14/05 18:33   Report Abuse
ZABRAK? ZABRAK? HAVE YOU GOT JEDI ACADEMY?Then look at what a Zabrak is. Unless, of course, you are refering to Darth Maul because he is a Zabrak, although he doesn't have that metal plate on his face like they do in Academy. I wonder why??? Anyway i dont think it looks like a Zabrak so i am NOT going to vote for it. Don't take this comment as an insult, mind. Well i have voted.0/10


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