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This is the first (and only) level to the Legacy of Yun series. Originally intended to tell a story of "What if Yun wasn't killed" in JK, Level 1 was going to be the setup for the rest of the story. Although this is missing the end of the final cutscene, and there are only voices in a small part of it, this smallish level set in the local where Yun, Sariss, and Kyle fought, is very playable, complete with objectives, a few puzzles, and lots of easter eggs.


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Download: Legacy of Yun Level 1
File Size: 6.66Mb
Date: 01/13/05
Author: Chewbubba
Downloads: 1161


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 5
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ChewbubbaPosted: 01/13/05 15:52   Report Abuse
If you have questions about this level, check out the FAQ on my site (look in the menu):


DSettahrPosted: 01/13/05 18:11   Report Abuse
This level looks good enough for me to reinstall MotS this evening and try it out. :)


An AlbatrossPosted: 01/13/05 20:29   Report Abuse
whoa...it's been a long time posting here!
(around 3 years i think, i got a life, ME!) ;)

I remember you and these screenshots! Correct me if i'm wrong, but was this level suppose to be a submission to the level contest of TACC?
(something like 3-4 years ago...damn i live in the past for today!)
Anyway...Very impressive level! This one is the one that give me the nearest gameplay effect that the last levels of the original JK gave me...there's a lot of insides to the world of JK-MotS editing, humorous at some part! so a quick An Albatross review sounds like this:
Archit.....whoa and yeah (good and medium)
Lighting...Great! Funky!
Gameplay...That's it...nothing to add...!
9/10...beacause perfection doesn't exist!
Download Now!!! and excuse my horrible english!


ChewbubbaPosted: 01/14/05 16:04   Report Abuse
Nope, I never entered in any level contests. Although, I did get shot of the week once (week, day, whatever it was at the time).


Gigaman1Posted: 01/14/05 21:39   Report Abuse
Wow, nice, very well done.

more I want more...
The Jukeboxx was the best ;)


Leia_O. SoloPosted: 02/02/05 01:12   Report Abuse
This was a very good level,and it was lots of fun.I give this level a ten.Give me more.Please.


DS-181-4Posted: 02/10/05 06:42   Report Abuse
heh heh. 6.66 megs


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