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This pack includes four different types of raptor dinosaur--scaled NPCs using modified skins and HP levels. It is fully animated, with all-new sounds from the film Jurassic Park (suprised?). It's very ferocious and stuff. It also includes a "Raptor Red" skin from the famous novel. It's possible we will release an updated version in the future. If you have any ideas for things to add, don't hesitate to post them in the comments section (please do not email me with them). Also, please don't complain about the size of the velociraptor. That's how big they were. For maximum enjoyment, please download a really gory blood mod for use with this one.


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Download: Raptor Pack v1.0
File Size: 4.21Mb
Date: 01/13/05
Author: Thrawn42689
Downloads: 2293


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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-EchomanPosted: 01/13/05 04:46   Report Abuse
Nice models. Fun


BabySpinachPosted: 01/13/05 21:44   Report Abuse
Very fun indeed!


Daft_VaderPosted: 01/13/05 22:44   Report Abuse
Malcolm: Thrawn42689 creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates Thrawn42689. Thrawn42689 destroys God. Thrawn42689 creates dinosaurs...
Sattler: Dinosaurs eat Thrawn42689. Woman inherits the earth...


Great mod, killer raptor. 10.


WizardLeaderPosted: 01/15/05 01:59   Report Abuse
WOoOW! I'm making Jurassic Park IV with this! They are so real! The textures are amazing and are perfectly adapted to the bodies of these Jedi killer's beasts!

Authentic jungles can be created with your mod! And real good screenshots and movies come out! And yes... Blood is wonderful in these kind of scene ;)

4 aspects:

1 I would like to see that they are hit on the head and tail, and possibly loose them!

2 And maybe you can add them some kind of disguised force jump... They are great in bouncing you know? :P

3 You can take off that wampa sound that they are always doing... It doesn't suit a silent predator...

4 If it's not asking too much I beg you to release a next version of the mod with the previous aspects in mind, and also try to correct the walking problem... When they walk backwards it seems there is no problem, the legs are moving like they should move...

Continue the good job please! :)


Kurt PlummerPosted: 01/26/05 18:13   Report Abuse

Amazing in fact how much more 'real' an anatomically believable animal makes a scifi setting seem in comparison with all the other 'imagined' beasts that occupy the Star Wars games (I'm finishing KOTOR with the Terenteks and find them to be ridiculous looking when compared to the simpler Wraids).


1. Prey Beasts.
It would be /so/ good to see the Raptors play pack attack against a similar, large scale, animal such as a Hadrosaur or Pachycephalasaur.

2. Name them what they are. Deinonychus. THAT was the 7-9ft, 140-170lb monster you saw in JP. Velociraptor was about the size of a Doberman and looked like a chicken which had been run through a clothes dryer.

3. Add handlers. If you stick with the Star Wars theme especially, these should be Sith/Dark Jedi pack hunters which they release to hunt down and weaken or 'tree' the Jedi with before committing their own people to the fight.

3. Include appropriate weapons. Muldoon used a SPAS-12 semiauto shotgun. There were also M16s in the wall rack. And of course Shock Sticks (cattle prods) to get the animals back into cages. Netguns and Tranq guns and 'Mines' configured to act like animal traps and and and all come to mind. If you can do it, a big assymetric Kyujutsu folding bow with explosive tipped (Ramboian) for 'escorting the big game hunter' episode might also be cool.

4. _Make It A Full Game_. If the Raptors have gotten out of their pen and into the other animal paddocks, you have to catch them before Hammond busts an aneurism. And you have to do so in a way which preserves BOTH the maximum number of (themselves dangerous) herbivores and saves the Raptors so that their mega-$$$ investment isn't lost. Alternately, go with what the novel surmised as the Raptor's fleeing into Costa Rica's interior and you stalking them through Mayan Pyramids or whatever (More Tremors II than Save The Whaleasaur).

5. 'Boss' Animals.
Obviously. I would replace the Dilophosaur with Utah Raptor and the TRex with the chameleon Carnatosaur. Especially in deep jungle where the fighting space is smaller. Combatting something with near-perfect invisibility (opening jaws, big white TEETH 'oh hello there') would be -Awesome-.

6. Vehicle Fights.
One of the few 'interesting' improvements to Academy was the fight on the high speed tram. There were similar scenes, largely ignored, in the _JP_ books which deserve some kind of replication. Obviously the Jeep scene with 2-3 juvenile Rexs (or Raptors) chasing the player INTO THE JAWS of one larger adult animal 'hiding behind the fallen tree' would be interesting. So too would the scene with the River Raft from the first book. I would replace both the Rex and the Spino with a Jurassic Crocodile though. Rescuing Grant and the Kids from the giant Geodesic Dome Pterasaur aviary could also be fun, as a 'climbing' game, as could some kind of post-escape 'chase through the canyon' scene with the (explosive?) hole in the dome you used to board the chopper also letting the animals out.

7. As others have suggested, the Raptor walking/running animations could be smoother and, IMO, the primary 'terrible claw' attack should be represented as both a leaping slash kick and a 'rear back on tail and snap-gouge' attack. I don't mind the vocalizations but feel that it could be scene linked to give a better sense of "Well, there's a bark, wonder who they're hunting? Closer and closer. Maybe us? HERE THEY COME!" More like wolves closing the circle.


TrentAbruPosted: 04/03/05 23:20   Report Abuse
Sorry to show my ignorance, but how can I get these amazing npcs into a multiplayergame hosted over a home network?


GAC_RebelPosted: 08/18/05 01:16   Report Abuse
The mod is great, but the file is not working! Maybe u haven't added the skins in the list or I can't find them anywhere at the menus


natePosted: 07/06/07 01:09   Report Abuse
Its like turok all over again star wars style WOOT


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