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Acrophobia is a small, floating space platform. Included in this pack are three different versions, each with different weapon configurations. Can you overcome your fear of heights?


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Download: Acrophobia
File Size: 477Kb
Date: 04/01/05
Author: Blood Asp
Downloads: 531


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 3
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Daft_VaderPosted: 04/03/05 05:31   Report Abuse
Fairly good level, but definately not one of your best. Reasonably good flow, and it was nice to see 3 different versions, although they significantly increased filesize, but not a problem for me.

I just didn't find anything great about it. It was simple, and somewhat unique compared with the average, mundane DM level, but nothing outstanding or dynamic. It would have been nice to see something suggesting you were actually in space, such as lower gravity and perhaps some distant, twinkling coronas emulating stars or spinning asteroid 3DOs (like in UT). I'd much rather see another level like "The Forgotten Place", which in my eyes has to be one of if not the best DM level ever made for JK.

I give it a 7.


VancePosted: 10/23/06 09:37   Report Abuse
the screenies really dont give this level justice, I agree with vader ^^ not your best, try updating it and putting like a base on the floor and a moving ship etc.
good work 7.


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