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These are skins I made for Jka which include: jango, boba, jaster, montross, and myles. This is a mod because it will add a species/class to the custom jedi menu in which you make your own mando in the way you want. I have included two additional files so you can add it to your forcemodIII folder . That way you play with these skins in forcemodIII. I hope you guys like them!


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Download: Open Seasons Mandalorian V2
File Size: 7.5Mb
Date: 04/01/05
Author: ExtremeX
Downloads: 3066


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 5
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Dark_SaberPosted: 05/01/05 16:32   Report Abuse
I like it. I haven't played as a Mandolorian in single player since Mandolorian Wars came out for DF II way back when. Your skins are of a pretty high quality, and I like how you made them as a new race. I give you a 10/10.


JediKnightBennett14Posted: 05/07/05 21:42   Report Abuse
Where can I find the rest of ForceModIII? The two .pk3 files don't seem to do anything.


VancePosted: 01/20/06 16:31   Report Abuse
Yo. Good mod Review Below:

Brilliant. These are really accurate skins (especially Jango) and i enjoyed playing this

None, Boba Fett learning the ways of the force, Jango back from the dead and learning the ways of the man who killed him? Wierd but enjoyable all the same.

On my HD?:
Yes. Will always be on there, don't let the size bother you you must DL
27/30 - Wow.



Darth_MurkPosted: 12/11/06 08:50   Report Abuse
Dude...Mandalorian wars was KICK ASS!... and the MOTS version was even better..but these skins kick a$$


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