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This mod improves the standard sabers both graphically and audio-wise. In SP, all projectiles cast dynamic color glow too (as long as it's enabled). New in this release is a better saber core graphic and color alterations to more closely match the predefined saber trail colors, which I noticed makes the sabers look very Episode II-ish now. Also, I varied the saber hum, on, and off sounds for all the normal saber hilts since it's boring when everyone's sabers sound the same. I included the better invulnerability respawn and Ysalimiri shell thingies from SBX-JK2 sabers since I forgot them before. Last but not least, here's a fun new feature: when you throw your saber, it still spins on the way back, SBX style. However, this does not work for double-bladed sabers when you've turned off one blade, strangely. In SP, the saber stops having a trail on the way back too, whereas it's fine in MP. Oh yeah, no saber spin sound on the way back either. Oh well, it's still cool though :>


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Download: SBX-JA Sabers v2.0
File Size: 477Kb
Date: 06/06/05
Author: ShadowX
Downloads: 3303


Score (0-10): 9
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FirestormPosted: 06/06/05 20:05   Report Abuse
Man i missed those old JK sounds, well done.

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me converting this to Movie Battles 2 (as a saber/sound replacement pack)?


ShadowXPosted: 06/14/05 05:51   Report Abuse
Hmm, I have never heard of Movie Battles 2. Where could I get it?


FirestormPosted: 06/23/05 00:33   Report Abuse

I go by lordnova on the forums

I already converted it and gave you full credits as you can see in that post.


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