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This mod improves the standard sabers and TCK-based sabers both graphically and audio-wise. In SP, all projectiles cast dynamic color glow (as long as it's enabled), saber colors the NPCs have are changed a bit for variety, and the Jedi and Reborn have more balanced AI. In MP, the bots have all been configured to have a better variety of saber colors. New in this release is a better saber core graphic and color alterations to more closely match the predefined saber trail colors, which I noticed makes the sabers look very Episode II-ish now.


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Download: SBX-JK2 Sabers v5.0
File Size: 824Kb
Date: 06/06/05
Author: ShadowX
Downloads: 862


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Double HelixPosted: 06/07/05 05:37   Report Abuse
What happened to the SBX site? I wanted to download the hires sounds for MotS!


ShadowXPosted: 06/14/05 05:48   Report Abuse
The SBX site has been down for some time, but Brian here at Massassi offered to host. I'l see if I can email him about it, since I haven't heard back yet.


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