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This is 2nd part of Jedi Outcast. It starts one week after Desann's death.

Tavion is still alive, but she still don't know about Desann's death and she is continuing with his plans.


Level Info:

Download: JO Part 2
File Size: 4Mb
Date: 06/07/05
Author: Josip Matijevic
Downloads: 1677


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 6
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kessno11Posted: 06/08/05 17:59   Report Abuse
I really enjoyed playing this level series, I assume it's your first map/mod?

There was only one problem I had when loading the mod, it seems your loading picture dimentions are 1024x740 or something? It needs to be in 512x512 or 1024x1024 or anything like that for it to be able to load.

Other than that I thought your mod was good, with scripting being used throughout the levels. The enemy emplacement was pretty good too. Hopefully we'll be seeing more mods/maps from you later!


kessno11Posted: 06/08/05 21:48   Report Abuse
Yeah, I resized the picture's dimension and replaced it. Nice job on the mod, good luck on making more maps/mods!


DSettahrPosted: 06/13/05 00:30   Report Abuse
I posted the wrong one because you submitted this level about 10 times, and I had no idea which one you wanted me to post. If you submit the updated version ONCE, I will post it for you.


MatJoPosted: 07/15/05 20:01   Report Abuse
I will not post it again becuase this bug can be easily repaired and I need to wait for two hours to submit.


bowser_143Posted: 07/18/05 03:52   Report Abuse
It says that it is missin tavion....


MatJoPosted: 08/28/05 23:16   Report Abuse
bowser_143 you need to delete only tavion.jpg not tavion.bsp!


darth_mickPosted: 10/21/05 08:14   Report Abuse
your map seems good but i am blocked at the academy. I saw Tavion with jan on the top, i go out, i destroyed the AT-ST, and i am blocked. Do someone hlep me please?


bowser_143Posted: 11/06/05 02:06   Report Abuse
i didnt delete jack. i installed it, and attempted to play it, and it said it was missing tavion. what is wrong?


MatJoPosted: 12/12/05 19:56   Report Abuse
As I said before You need to delete only tavion.jpg from JOPart2.pk3 and the game will work perfectly. You can see that kessno11 had no problems after that.For you who dont know how to open pk3 file - open it with Winzip or Pakscape.

After killing AT-ST go left and look in the dark area for button, then use force push on that button.

And please after finishing my level pack rate it so that I can see if You like it or not.


Darth XANAPosted: 01/07/06 05:23   Report Abuse
Hi guys im new here. I started the level and so far, IM LOVIN IT! im kinda tired so ill finish the part tomorrow. Ill say this: its a god add on 2 wat happened after JO. After playing this, i will tell u guys, JO will NVR be the same again. So far im givin it 10/10 stars. But the obvious part was poor jan getting kidnapped. Keep up da good work man!


Darth XANAPosted: 01/07/06 13:58   Report Abuse
Im stuck on the academy 2. i cant get the door open. the controls r unusable (ctrl key) and i killed the 2 shadowtrooper guards. Im stuck! can u help plz?


Darth XANAPosted: 01/07/06 15:53   Report Abuse
I beat the academy level. Im stuck on da next 1. I beat trhe shadowtroopers and then io dont no wat 2 du after! HELP ME PLZ!


MatJoPosted: 04/15/06 19:34   Report Abuse
To kessno11

Yes this is my first submission. I have realised this problem with its dimension when I already submitted it. I have send them it again repaired, but they put this one( the reason for that was probably server problems and becuase of thet none couldnt submit files for some time). This bug can be repaired by deleting tavion.jpg from pk3 or just changing its dimension and replacing it.


MatJoPosted: 04/15/06 19:37   Report Abuse
To: Darth XANA

First I want to say thanks for the rating. Now I am feeling realy good and maybe I even continue with my work. I have some kind of patch for this level pack already that is fixing problem with starting this level pack.I added even introducing text crawl there, but I am still not sure will I submit that.

I belive that you are at the entrance and by that space ship. If you are then search under the ship for secret area( you will need to use force push).

And questions for all JK editors or moders(If they are still alive :)

How to make ROQ files(Colosseum has the best that I've seen)? I don't understand tutorial from JK2 Editing tools. How to make 900 tgas?

Wow over 400 downloads. I'am very pleased to see that although if i have submitted it 2 years earlyer it would probably be over 10000
by now. At least I hope so. Otherwise just an empty room has more downloads than my level pack. :)


Lib Sa NorecPosted: 02/25/07 03:01   Report Abuse
very good!! 10/10!


MatJoPosted: 04/02/07 21:10   Report Abuse

I almoust have more downloads than that one room level. :)


stoofPosted: 03/25/09 07:35   Report Abuse
It really adds on to JO and it is highly detailed! Nice job! Have you considered to release the .maps?


Zonage5Posted: 04/20/10 11:31   Report Abuse
La-di-la-di-la! Oh, what do we have here? Oh my, a first level. I enjoy that. Let's go play it!
I can't feel my body! Uh... Awesome level. What can beat it?

The next day, the innocent player rated a 10/10 Massassi.


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