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Here is my second edition of my vision of Midgar. Whilst evidently faithful to the game in a great many ways, it does have a personal touch, not only for better gameplay but also due to mapping restrictions. Notceable improvements (As I'm sure people will be glad to know) is the FPS, on most systems shouldn't drop below 30 in 95% of places, there's two new areas, and the battle square duel map is included. New assets include a ladder match in the battle square, a new vehicle, the chocobo and the masamune, (Sephiroth's Sword) Additionally, the whole map has even been rebuilt from scratch, improving aspects such as the slum area, the trains e.t.c. FFA arena suitable for the maximum number of people.


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Download: Midgar v2.0 (Map + Models for JA)
File Size: 38.2Mb
Date: 06/08/05
Author: Szico VII
Downloads: 1420


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 4
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-EchomanPosted: 06/09/05 04:05   Report Abuse
This map is alright. It's fun to explore but hard to navigate. The lighting, texturing and design could use some more work. But its fun and creative. There were nice placement of weapons, but the gameplay may be hard to do. The bird vehicles were nice.



Nemesis_0_Posted: 06/12/05 21:33   Report Abuse
If only i had JA... make it for JO lol


VancePosted: 01/17/06 21:06   Report Abuse
As a Final Fantasy 7 fan. holy **** this is awesome (is liking the chocobo) and also the texturing is great

- 9


natePosted: 07/06/07 00:12   Report Abuse
love the farm


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