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This is a skin of a certain type of Sith Mages I'm writing about whom are devoted in mad fanaticism to the Snake. Non-official in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The eyes on two of the skins are that of a Snake's, and the second two are a glowing red. As well, there are two with the ceremonial paint, and two without. And don't go lecturing me on the Inverted Pentacle in the comments section, please.

PS: And the Sith, though not the Dark Jedi, knew their own style of magic beyond mere use of the Force. I hope you like the skins. Please leave constructive reviews/comments, even if they are critical of the skin.


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Download: Sith Mages: Cultists of the Serpent v2
File Size: 2.88Mb
Date: 06/08/05
Author: Andrew Pemberton
Downloads: 2467


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 7
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HardcoreMetalPosted: 06/14/05 17:39   Report Abuse
it should be called the cradle of filth mod pack... looks more metal than jedi


SM NightReaperPosted: 06/16/05 00:55   Report Abuse
one number - 10 - that is f***ing awsome


GAC_RebelPosted: 08/08/05 21:06   Report Abuse
It looks like a Sith Lord in Palpatine's style. Great, 10 for you!


NesseightPosted: 10/15/05 17:13   Report Abuse
Como dicen en espaņol:
- "El inverto de pentical sucko de rateo el 0"


PIPPosted: 11/03/05 01:11   Report Abuse
Hardcoremetal U obviously have good taste in music I listen to Slipknot, Deftones, and Spineshank all the time. Along with ur music I totally agree with ur comment it looks like somthing U would see in a Cradle of Filth music video but is also looks kool so bottom line 8/10 :)


vadermanPosted: 05/19/06 17:13   Report Abuse
I am so going to DL this and try it out.
I will rate a 5 for looks


jedi master kamaPosted: 03/18/07 13:36   Report Abuse
What up with the pentagram? It looks satenic

(In case you don't know that means he is a saten worshiper.)


jedi master kamaPosted: 03/18/07 13:38   Report Abuse
Not That poeple that go here are dumb,

i dont think poeple that go here are dumb.


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