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A small to medium sized level intended for NF gunning.


Level Info:

Download: Deicide
File Size: 459KB
Date: 06/01/06
Author: NOFpuXnk
Downloads: 319


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 2
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_yo_wasup_Posted: 06/01/06 17:40   Report Abuse
I'll play this with gogeta later, seems to got everything, maybe a few too many bactas, a little small for a conc level to my liking and not much color, but good cuz i use commando. thats just the theme of the level so. deathmatch maps shouldn't have much arch. in my opinion, but i think there could have been a little more. good to see another jk level on massassi. vote: 7


-EchomanPosted: 06/10/06 18:02   Report Abuse
I kinda like the funky texturing job. I thought at first it might be distracting, but it really wasn't. The level seems like a good, solid DM map. Nice stuff. Some very small amounts of odd lighting here and there, but nothing really problematic.



ShadowXPosted: 06/23/06 09:37   Report Abuse
Hey, look who's back? I'll try out your new map soon =]


NOFpuXnkPosted: 07/13/06 01:49   Report Abuse #420


VancePosted: 08/03/06 08:56   Report Abuse
Neat. I'm back ^^ the level looks cool, im liking the sky and the layout makes sure you can track someone and not lose em real easy. Good luck on further levels!


Kotor2_freakPosted: 08/05/06 20:34   Report Abuse
it looks... 'intersting'... i will try it out when i have the time!


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