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This large multiplayer 'sabers only' level consists of 3 different lightsaber arenas and offers fun and exciting gameplay for different types of lightsaber duels. The arenas are situated in the volcanic temple of the Order of Reborn Jedi (ORJ). The level was designed to exploit the abilities of the Saber Battle X mod. It is playable with regular JK, but for optimal gameplay you'll have to use SBX.

There are 3 Arenas:

  • The Battle Circle
  • The Bridge Arena
  • The Chase Arena
You start out in the spawning area, where camera panels enable you to quickly check out in which arena the action is taking place. (In camera modus, use the strafe hotkeys to cycle cameras.) The two tubes in the middle of the spawning area give access to the Bridge Arena. On the sides of the room, next to the camera panels, are transport tubes that will take you down to the spectating area of the Bridge Arena. There you will also find a different type of camera consoles; action cams meant to observe the action inside the arena from every possible angle.

On one end of the spawning area is a doorway with an open curtain, flanked by two big tiles. This exit leads to the 'Battle Circle' arena, a classic saberdome.

On the other end of the spawning area is a doorway with a closed curtain, flanked by two statues. This doorway leads to the third and largest arena; the Chase Arena, which is made up of four large connected rooms, that run in a 'circle'; a deadly trajectory of dizzying heights, dangerous slopes, high and low grounds, tricky jumps and vast amounts of blistering-hot lava. There are four central observation rooms, and three smaller observation areas inside the arena. The action cams for this arena can be found on top of the wooden stands in the central observation rooms.

Switches around the level provide revives for the duellists, and teleports to quickly access or exit certain arenas. All spectating areas are equipped with camera consoles that enable the players to closely follow the action inside the arenas.

The two smaller arenas can be played with 'no Force' settings. However, in order to navigate the Chase Arena, you'll need some Force.

The screenshots don't do this level justice; they only show a small part. Please download it and try it out with some friends. As we found out in extensive beta-testing, this level should be unique in terms of gameplay, as well as watching the game.

The level works with the retail version of Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II. Limit removers are not needed. A more detailed description can be found in the readme.txt that is included in the zip.


3D Preview

Full Size 3D Preview for ORJ Temple Tournament I

Level Info:

Download: ORJ Temple Tournament I
File Size: 2.4Megs
Date: 08/10/06
Author: ORJ_JoS
Downloads: 444


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 5
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ChRoNoS_GohanPosted: 08/17/06 02:31   Report Abuse
Very nice, level I love how it looks but playing it I was bit frustrated, Having to refind your other players in the game took too long with even 3 ppl.
I know the Fire pit part was ment to be big and it was fun trying to duel but alot of miss placed jumps ended most fights, but on the upside it was fun as hell to play. Looking forward to more of your levels.


Jedi_JosPosted: 08/17/06 06:46   Report Abuse
That's why the camerascreens are there in the Spawning Area, so you can quickly see who's fighting where. ;) And fighting on the bridges is a thing you'll easily get used to. The jumping distances are all exactly calculated for SBX, by the way. Glad you liked it. =) ORJ_JoS


Jedi_NenshouPosted: 08/29/06 22:27   Report Abuse
This level is beautiful, JoS. Though, I doubt you care my opinion. =P

You need to forgive me for our friction in the past and play me in this level; as JK is such a small community now, why hold a grudge?

Love the level; the bridge idea is similar to what I was working on before my old computer fried. Glad to see new levels still after all these years.


Jedi_JosPosted: 08/30/06 01:41   Report Abuse
Thanks =)


JarkotaPosted: 09/10/06 16:13   Report Abuse
I give it an 8 both for being such an awesome level and for being the first JK level released on Massassi since July. It's nice to see people still interested in JK editing. Between this and the JK Hub, we just might see a real revival of this great game. (Hmm....wonder what Lucas would think of that?)

Anyway, to the level - Your access ways to the different arenas are superbly done. I've spent hours in this level and detected no lag, no HOM, and no freeze-ups. I like sabers-only levels because I don't have to worry about getting wasted by a conc-sniper, and a level like this (with plenty of places to go and room to maneuver) is where a player like me can shine. Kudos to you, Jos. Kudos.


VancePosted: 10/23/06 09:30   Report Abuse
Awesome, im lovin this level, ORJ really need to get some of their own maps goin! keep it up, the lava made the game so much fun, and the chase was immense.


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