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While patrolling a new route, you were sucked out of hyperspace by an Interdictor Cruiser and attacked. You then wake up in a cell in an Imperial outpost. However, there is more mystery than meets the eye...


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Download: Imperial Outpost
File Size: 1.3Megs
Date: 07/20/07
Author: Commando-15
Downloads: 334


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 1
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GoitPosted: 07/21/07 00:00   Report Abuse
Mixed opinions about this! The level had good architexture and level design, however it had a silly backtracking bit, it was rather easy, and quite short. That sounds harsh, but I really have to express how good some of the architexture was. It wasn't "wow" standard, just good to see the author had put the same amount of effort into each room. It also became apparent where some of his inspiration had come from, reminded me alot of BoaM2! Also, although it's short, you have to appreciate the authors efforts of providing extra rooms that don't need to be visited. One such area allows you to go into an ATAT, which is an original idea in JK. There were a few errors, but nothing major. The lighting was of a decent standard, and I experienced joy when activating doors that weren't going to open yet still Yun proclaimed that they were "locked". A good ten minutes of fun :) Looking forward to the next levels, I feel if the author got a greater experience of cog that could really enhance his levels into the great '8-9/10' catagory. 7/10.


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