Grand Jedi Skills: *Flaw Stories V2 (final)

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  • Night and day in one map. - change over an elapsed time
  • Dynamic race track - ?? you say? yeah, once you start it, you are locked into a track and locked out of the upper downtown streets.
  • custom music composed by Peter Colasuonno (aka Schwink)
  • area lit ambience audio sounds - caves, rain, wind etc...
  • challenge based reward system - first to complete a challenge receives points, finish one to unlock the next
  • Rail slide system - been working on this since my first map, its not as constrictive or as controlling, but I think it can be fun this time around ;-P
  • biggest jk2 map to date? maybe, this map wrang the neck of the compiler
this map requires more then the alloted memory JK2 uses, to run this map you must set JK2 to use more memory than its default 64MBytes enter in console:
/set com_hunkmegs 128
and restart the game. if further errors, try:
/set com_hunkmegs 256


Level Info:

Download: Grand Jedi Skills: *Flaw Stories V2 (final)
File Size: 49Megs
Date: 08/31/07
Author: S. Robinson (Boddo)
Downloads: 401


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 1
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ACROBATPosted: 09/03/07 04:16   Report Abuse
Great map!

Massassi put this map up fast.


Clone HunterPosted: 04/19/08 22:36   Report Abuse
Could u help me make maps like this??


ACROBATPosted: 11/20/09 04:26   Report Abuse

You cyberpunkcafewebsite is down! nooooo

Great map!


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