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This is a medium singleplayer level set inside a canyon somewhere. It consists on a series of tunnels and caves. It contains one primal objective and one sidequest. This level should provide for some joyfull gameplay during the quests.

This level was submitted as an entry into the Single Player Level Contest.


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Download: Maw Time Travel
File Size: 38Megs
Date: 11/13/07
Author: darthBJGO
Downloads: 554


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 3
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WizardLeaderPosted: 02/04/08 01:42   Report Abuse
Not as complex as the Crypt of Crola, but it came out as a cool level too.

It takes place in the middle age, or at least, is what the environment tends to recall. Only the lightsaber is available - that's all you need to keep moving.
There are some nasty tricks to get over with (and also, some nastier surprises), but nothing too hard to handle.

It has a strange initial part (a huge "stargate" and a flying carpet next to it... The perfect combination don't you think? :P ).
Supposedly there would be another level behind the spawn point. I saw it myself (the author showed me) but it never came out.
I liked better the old way - crossing a village with the quest to find your way to the mountain. You would pass through a long bridge over that valley (no need for a mad flying carpet...).
But then, it would be a level far more complex in his opinion.
In my opinion, it would approximate itself to the complexity of the winner of the Contest... But there wasn't enough time to totally complete it.

The level ends fast, and abruptly... I would like to meet Jan at the end. But this way, I would probably kill her. So, maybe it's a necessary type of end.
The real end is far more interesting - killing the boss and heading for the next level, avoiding some traps in the way. Again, there was no time to finish it...

Another thing that would improve the game would be some of the swords in Kyle's hands...
But again, there was no time to cog them properly. The author let me try some of them, it felt like returning to Morrowind/Oblivion or some sort of middle age game. The animated fire sword seemed like a giant torch, very appealing to perform some flaming kills in those pigs...

The music playing inside of the mountain contributes to the unexpected surrounding environment. It improves the immersion in the game, but some more of those musics, of the same author, in that level would definitively improve it even more.
When I explored some of the rooms, the Oblivion feeling that I could grab some of those books, read them and pick them up was constant (RPGamer… You know what I mean…). So if the music could adapt to these environment changes that would be perfect. The problem would be the size of the final file though…

I hope the author keeps improving the real level. I’m sure it will be great when finished and I won’t mind downloading hundreds of MB of it :)


Darth AyreonPosted: 03/06/08 15:53   Report Abuse
Rated: 10

Since Maw is my favorite Dark Jedi, I really looked forward to meet him again. Enjoying the great music that has been added to this level, I searched for swords and Maw through various and mysterious hallways and caves.
And the intro just rocks and is very original.

I highly recommend this level because it is very original and extremely well created. I hope the author finishes the level once, because now it ends very abruptly after Maw's death.

This level is truly great.


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