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A multiplayer level in a fuel station. There are several traps, and one secret switch that does *cough* "something" elsewhere in the level. The level includes a loading boom, places to pick other players off, and lots of pipes.


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Download: Antille's Fuel Station
File Size: 926KB
Date: 01/11/10
Author: Martheous
Downloads: 187


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 1
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MrRavenXPosted: 01/11/10 18:51   Report Abuse
Take a trip down JK memory lane with this level. It is highly reminiscent of the JK MP levels of yesteryear. While a lot of the architecture and 3do placement is awkward, it actually feels right. I don't know how else to explain it other then it reminds me of a lot of the popular maps that were played on the Zone in the late 90's.

It's cheesy, but it's fun and it works. Makes me wanna say "Antilles - NF - ROOM 4!!!!!"

Nice work!


The LurkerPosted: 01/24/10 01:42   Report Abuse
Wow! Thanks for the good word! I showed the post to Martheous and it made his day. Martheous was a little too young to remember the 90's. This was the second level that he has released so far. Martheous is already working on more levels.


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