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Kyle is being sent to a small moon space port to take care of the new Imperial presence. He will fight through a loading dock and work through the bowels of the city to sneak into the base and kill it's leader, Injud Icious.


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Download: Spaceport
File Size: 548KB
Date: 10/09/12
Author: Reid
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FastGamerrPosted: 10/09/12 15:00   Report Abuse
This level reminded me of pre-Leeza/BoaM JK levels more than probably any other level I've played since... Leeza and BoaM.

I really wish the conversation with the informant would have been a cutscene - partially because it'd function better as one IMO (and I accidentally shot the guy, got "Mission Completed!" and the level ended). It was a shame to notice the last areas in the level consisting of only 1 or 2 textures. Yet my least favorite area was the huge boxy room with conveyor belts that looked like they had been purposefully been set up for a jumping puzzle. But this level also improved quite a bit on my second playthrough; I found out that you can piss off one of the vendors by stealing his bowcaster and just ignore the informant altogether. Major bonus for having unfrustrating air vent puzzles, too.


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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