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Years have passed since our hero defeated Juztyn. Now, Lord Burrie is attempting to resurrect Juztyn! This episode takes place after The Fall of JuzSoft, Life of a Merchant, and Life of a Merchant 2 (all also available on Massassi). This mod uses 16-bit MATs and requires the Jedi Knight Unofficial Patch. However, it's recommended that you play without the Jedi Knight Enhanced modification.


Level Info:

Download: The Fall of JuzSoft 2
File Size: 72.7Megs
Date: 10/09/12
Author: Grismath
Downloads: 322


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 2
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FastGamerrPosted: 10/09/12 14:58   Report Abuse
For starters, I really like how this episode is one more trip to the JuzSoft/LoaM-verse and at the same time pretty much the last foray into the wacky in-game adventures of the people from the JK community past (kak, Dark Lord Sarn Cadrill, CookedHaggis and all that bollocks, Burrie saying "roit" etc.). For me, it's also gratifying to see this one finished after so many years (I remember not being able to provide Gris with audio for an FGR cameo in 2007, oh how I regret that!).

And yet there are some snafus that can most likely be attributed to the lack of time. For instance, the ending. Even a "Legacy of Yun"-like epilogue in the credits would have been a nicer conclusion and I've got to admit that I was a bit shocked to see it end abruptly just like that. I guess the barely marginally active JK community probably won't motivate anyone for greater efforts, but I'm very glad that Gris went ahead and finished this one (the vast improvement from the last beta that I tried about a week ago and the final episode was simply astounding). Overall, I don't think there were any weak levels in this episode, and the final level was probably the first really nice "let's go to a Star Destroyer!" level since DF's SSD Executor level.


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