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The Return of Kyle Katarn Trailer

The Massassi Temple » Levels/Mods » Massassi Madness » The Return of Kyle Katarn Trailer


This is a trailer of a game I started editing many years ago. Hope you enjoy it. You´ll find some familiar old friends in it.

Download and unzip the file, then double-click to play The Return of Kyle Katarn Trailer.mp4


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Michael Delavante


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Posted by
Posted: 2023-10-08 1:50 p.m.   Report Abuse
Great trailer. I was your 7th download. This looks good.

It's an honor to hear from you again. It's 2023 and your work is still as good as ever. It's surprising that you're still here. But that's in a positive way. We're (everybody) is always a fan of your work. Welcome back, guy.

I've been trying out a few of your levels and now that I'm looking back at them, they were all pretty good. I haven't played all of your levels but I might give more of them a try later. But in case you haven't checked those I'll just tell you what I thought:

The Force of a Jedi was probably my favorite. I loved that one. Gave you an 8/10. Dooku was another 8/10. It was a good boss fight. Negotiations was a 9/10. And Kamino was another 8/10. So, overall all your levels are amazing. I'm certain you're just as good in 2023. Welcome back, Mike.
Mike Delavante
Posted: 2023-10-09 12:36 p.m.   Report Abuse
Thank you for those kind words,SnakeMan. JK/Mots is still cool to play even if I don´t do it often these days. Hopefully I´ll get around to finish The Return of Kyle Katarn someday. It Would be fun to give it a try after all these years.


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