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6000 Block is the sequel to 5600 Block, which was released in February of 1998. It is a small city block surrounded by brick walls. Force jump is recommended so you can access all areas of the map. This is a small level that should be good for 2-4 players. Included is a guns version and a sabers version.


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Level Info:

Download: 6000 Block
File Size: 226k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Brian Lozier
Downloads: 4946


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 32
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darkjedi86Posted: 06/21/00 20:12   Report Abuse


NorthChaosPosted: 06/21/00 20:14   Report Abuse
That's because you're a phoo! ;)

*This was a payed announcement*


ReAcToRPosted: 06/22/00 06:24   Report Abuse
I can't think of anything bad to say about this level. The architecture, texturing, gameplay and placement are all very nice. This level is good for NF and FF Guns or Sabs.


JuztynPosted: 06/22/00 22:22   Report Abuse
Attention! My above comment was a joke. This is one of the best, most flowing levels I've ever placed. The arch is solid, the lighting is well done, and the item placement is superb. If you know what's good for you, download this level (and ignore my above comment ;)

- Juz


darkjedi86Posted: 06/22/00 22:31   Report Abuse
Yes, ignore mine, too. You see, me and Brian have this constant joke going on when I pretend to be scared of his level. My comment was no more than that; a joke. Like Juz said, this level has really fast gameplay, and it really is excellent.


ZealotPosted: 06/28/00 18:32   Report Abuse
Great level, the only complaint is lag when in the water, but this is very minor. I commend you such a great level.

TJC Rating: 8 out of 10


PossePosted: 07/06/00 17:47   Report Abuse
this level is rather good, and i like the layout. it loses some of what the old levels he made with similar names had though. i dunno, just not the same feeling. that fan in the center is rather swank btw.


Jedi Master JayPosted: 10/05/00 11:46   Report Abuse
swank dee dank level Bri, awsome in gameplay kornboy duzn't know what hes talking about and dont pay any attention to him because between you and me, look on this site and see if you can find one possitive comment he has made. did u? i know i didn't. i think this level is great in textures, lil bit of a lag in the water but with the rest of the level the way it is, it makes up for it =D



SebulbaPosted: 10/08/00 02:45   Report Abuse


KOP_jedi_masterPosted: 10/09/00 20:20   Report Abuse
bravo bravo


ReignOfDarknessPosted: 10/10/00 19:44   Report Abuse
Brian, nice level. A bit small. The fan lags slower, not as up-to-date systems, and even a few faster ones. That bytes. This has led to the deletion of the level, otherwise a good arena for play.


Zachb34Posted: 10/10/00 19:49   Report Abuse
ok nice nice nice, but hey this is getting super old. its time we all start working on making JEDI KNIGHTS III, NEW EVERYTHING, new graphics, new gameplay, the works.. LUCAS arts is obviously not going too do anything soon on that so lets get JEDI KNIGHTS III started are selves, just a multiplayer JEDI KNIGHTS III, cause we don't need the origanal levels


JP_HighlanderPosted: 10/10/00 21:29   Report Abuse
This is one bad mofo Brian. Keep up the good work!!!!!


BrianPosted: 10/11/00 12:49   Report Abuse
Thanks everyone for the nice comments. This level was built a long time ago, but it's still my favorite level ever :-)

ReignOfDarkness, what do you mean by "lags" the level? It's a local cog, so there should be absolutely no more lag than a normal piece of architecture. If you're talking about framerate problems, the level was tested on a wide variety of machines, and the only time the slower ones had any problems was when they were on the top outer wall looking across the entire level. That's just a lot of sectors and adjoins to view, and they're very efficient, as far as I can tell. I really don't see where else you would get any framerate drop, but it could be due to variances in machines or drivers or whatever - I really can't say :-(

Either way, I *may* be working on a level for the next contest, in which case I won't be judging it (*sigh*), but I'll have to see if I have time :-)


_Ayub_Posted: 10/20/00 03:04   Report Abuse
EXCELENT LEVEL !!! AWESOME TEXTURING !!! Just one problem, the gameplay, I mean, if someone can have fun in this level, then the kid must be mental or something, its a AWESOME level, but Brian, u forgot to think like a player when u made the level... just an opinian, I dont think this level will make any sucess with players


MoC_SicklePosted: 10/29/00 10:56   Report Abuse
THIS LEVEL IS AWSOME!!!!!!! except the lag in the water


TGE_KatarnPosted: 11/12/00 22:47   Report Abuse
Awesome level Great textures and item placement i put a 10 on this level


TJF_FireStormPosted: 11/22/00 20:34   Report Abuse
This is an excellent example of an all around level. 6000 Block is great for guns or sabers but is slanted towards force users. Perhaps you should contruct a smaller, more deathmatch oriented level. If you could stick an elevator or two in this level to get to the upper deck without force then it would be perfect. You have created a superb level and I would encourage that you write and post another level because I like your editing work. Once again, excellent job on the level.


Dark Darth DavePosted: 01/06/01 20:34   Report Abuse
I like The Idea but the level is far too big so maybe you could make the level a little bit smaller or have more places which are not the same as the whole level i.e Traps and good places for lightsaber battles etc.
.Add Small Ledges high over dangerous points
(e.g Large Pit or Over Acid if possible etc.)
Soz Man but I only gave the level rating - 4
Needs More Improvement!!!


PossePosted: 02/19/01 22:25   Report Abuse
except for the lag in the water? let me clarify.. lag depends on connections, not the level. you must be getting framerate and lag confused. don't worry about it, it happens all the time


Luke SkywalkerPosted: 05/04/01 21:02   Report Abuse
I'm new to jk and would like to know if eveyone playing hasto the same mod if i'm the host and have this lavel (or any level at that)


Luke SkywalkerPosted: 05/25/01 06:23   Report Abuse
I have been d\l alot of mods now and have goten board. :) PLZ tell me where to get a basic mod creater because i am interested in making my own mods. I already tried darkjedi.com and it dosn't work so if theres another site where i could get a mod creater that would be great.
Thamk You


ChrisPosted: 07/25/01 00:23   Report Abuse
This levels good. You can't lose sight of other players so you won't spend ages looking for them. Theres plenty of health. The layout for the level is pretty standard no chance of getting lost on it.


Big_man_wwfPosted: 08/18/01 12:53   Report Abuse
yo the is going to have a rateing of 28


Funky JediPosted: 11/21/01 02:25   Report Abuse
*Takes one look at screenshots and hurries back to download as quick as he can*


Funky JediPosted: 11/21/01 02:31   Report Abuse
I WISH I COULD GIVE THIS AN 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Space_BanditPosted: 03/15/05 04:58   Report Abuse
LOTW, it's a classic though.


Daft_VaderPosted: 03/15/05 21:23   Report Abuse
By current JK editing standards, it's definately not quite as good as the people on this board make out. I guess I'll give it a 7... ahh, but since Brian's got my soul for keeps and the MBS is looking over my shoulder, maybe I'd better give him a 10... G_G



Quib MaskPosted: 03/17/05 06:27   Report Abuse
Rating a 5 year old level by "todays" standards (as in, what few levels see the light of day these days) wouldn't be very fair.

The texturing is very clean, the layout interesting and the lack of large-scale symmetry keeps the "scenery" from being too repetitive. Texture repetition is a little painful, but I'll blow that off as just being the style 5 years ago. Actually, HL2 has pretty bad texture repetition...

The comments from 5 years ago make bile rise in my throat; I'm glad time culled the JK community.



Tom_ExplodesPosted: 10/23/08 10:21   Report Abuse
Ah, the classics. What can I say? 10.


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