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Arm Your Battle Stations is like Challenge at Nar Shadda. Your are having a relaxing time in the bar until another cargo ship arrives. It's a small multiplater level.


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Download: Arm Your Battle Stations
File Size: 110k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: LOTJ_CL_Raider
Downloads: 1124


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# of Ratings: 6
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skywalker132Posted: 08/02/00 04:09   Report Abuse
it looks to me that this level is just one of
the mp levels that came with the game, just some surfaces have been retextured


bLoOdLuStPosted: 11/15/00 17:47   Report Abuse
What????? It's the Nar Shadaa Loading Terminal.... *smax forehead*


ChrisPosted: 07/25/01 22:28   Report Abuse
You just removed some things and changed some textures apart from that its exactly the same. You could have at least added a docked ship or something or shown the other ship.


Funky JediPosted: 11/20/01 02:48   Report Abuse
They're right, it's unfair to just change textures and call it a level. Aaaaaaannnnnndddddddd.......... you definately need to work on the title.


TokiPosted: 06/10/02 14:33   Report Abuse
Constructive criticism: If you didn't make the level, don't take the credit.


KaioShinPosted: 07/05/03 22:55   Report Abuse
This is a rip of the origional level, just retextured...

you're trying to take credit for what you didn't make.



NightwindPosted: 11/26/03 01:19   Report Abuse
Hmmm... Nar Shadaa Loading Terminal seems to have gotten a new paint job. Don't take credit for what the staff at Lucasarts did.


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