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Talk about being a long time coming. After way too long, Drazen Isle is finally released. I only have one thing to add and it's very important -> read the level's accompanying documentation and map before playing. The level is very big and very complex, if you don't check out the doc/map before playing you'll likely be completely lost and/or completely thrashed by any opponent who actually *has* read them. Also note the level is mainly aimed at relatively high-end PC's.


Level Info:

Download: Drazen Isle
File Size: 3.1Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Jeff Walters
Downloads: 27221


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 141
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ReAcToRPosted: 06/21/00 22:07   Report Abuse
Only one word comes to my mind when I think of Drazen Isle..."Masterpiece."


flaragonPosted: 06/22/00 16:21   Report Abuse
This level is excellently designed. It is immensly big and detailed, which makes this an ideal RPG level. I can think of only two problems with Drazen Isle:
1: It is very hard to find anyone because of the size
2: It takes quite a while to load.
Other than that, perfect.


MBeggarPosted: 06/22/00 18:20   Report Abuse


The AvengerPosted: 06/22/00 18:51   Report Abuse
Great Job Jeff, the only complaint I have is that my accursed VooDoo Banshee puts HOM all over the place!!!


_DeathKow_Posted: 06/22/00 21:34   Report Abuse
i dont see what the big deal with this level is! its only the best one ever made for jk! you people are insane!


THC_Death_ScythePosted: 06/22/00 22:54   Report Abuse
Yeah, Jeff did a good job, but the level doesn't need to be worshiped!


EX_GerrardPosted: 06/23/00 16:44   Report Abuse
yes this level does need to be worshiped...


HOTS_RedeemerPosted: 06/23/00 20:14   Report Abuse
This level is beautiful. I love to play it and make every one mad when I take the Woggle repelant. I think the level is one of the best if not the best multiplayer level to play. DOWNLOAD TODAY IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT!


BlackPantherPosted: 06/23/00 23:49   Report Abuse
This level is by far the best ever created for JK.

It's a must. Everyone should get it.


MNMPosted: 06/26/00 03:51   Report Abuse
This level is just unreal! you look at other multiplayer levels and they just dont have the feeling that this level has! THIS LEVEL IS AN ABLOLUTE MUST!!!(by the way Jeff, you did a great job on those drunk guys in the apartment!)


flaragonPosted: 06/26/00 18:58   Report Abuse
To add on to my previous comment, there are many details to this level. Here's my favorite trick to do when it's NF sabers and there's more than 2 other players: Go to A Jedi's Robe and switch through until you get to the stormtrooper. Take out the blaster and start shooting, then run back as fast as you can and change skins. Again, if you don't have it, get it because it's quite popular.


SlugPosted: 06/26/00 19:47   Report Abuse
The secret to his success with the drunk guys is that he himself is a raging drunk.. Great level of course, I loved it..


MahedaPosted: 06/26/00 19:51   Report Abuse
Didn't Jeff say that he was drunk while creating some of the parts of it?


SlugPosted: 06/26/00 19:57   Report Abuse
The attic was done under the influence of alchohol as I recall :)


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 06/27/00 13:55   Report Abuse
This is the best level ever made. Ever. There is only one problem, LAG. But if you're going to play RPG or Treasure Hunting, what difference does a little lag make?


UJS_Sith_SiduisPosted: 06/29/00 21:46   Report Abuse
This level is the coolest if you don't get it I will hunt YOU down like a four eyed dog with the littelest brains and like a puny poodle you are


UJS_Sith_SiduisPosted: 06/29/00 21:47   Report Abuse
This level is the coolest if you don't get it I will hunt YOU down like a four eyed dog with the littelest brains and like a puny poodle you are



SaGABarret80Posted: 06/30/00 02:56   Report Abuse
This level rocks!!! it has many cool things like treasures,boat,a suite and many other cool things. If you are looking for alevel this is the one to get!


Emperor_FJPosted: 06/30/00 20:16   Report Abuse
I have 1 message:
PLease make another level!


Level_TesterPosted: 07/01/00 19:03   Report Abuse
Very Nice level to have, although very big and hard to find people. It takes too long to load, well at least on my junky comp :) Besides that it is well done and worthy of download.


FettPosted: 07/04/00 15:53   Report Abuse
I've been bounty hunting for a long time, and besides Han Solo, most of the bounties I earned were patheticly small. This ;evel is a gem among all the rocks. Get it or feel the Mandalorian wrath.


PossePosted: 07/06/00 12:34   Report Abuse
okay, don't throw rocks at me, but i have the first negative comments

eh, i did not enjoy this level all too much. framerate suffered, and it was nearly unplayable on the zone. The level did have some wonderful cogs, but it was too big and too complex for me. also, i did not like the force deal in the level. force=good! if they want a nf game, let them set the force at 0 before the game begins.


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 07/09/00 14:47   Report Abuse
Oh, yes! I forgot that No Force EVER stuff! FORCE RULES!!! Why'd he have to go and do that?


MNMPosted: 07/13/00 21:25   Report Abuse
yeah i know! thats kinda annoying. if he didnt do that it would be not just reallly great but perfect! (this IS the level with most complements on it as well as downloads!)


BleeDing_MePosted: 07/16/00 17:32   Report Abuse
Where do I take this pain of mine? I take it to Drazen Isle, thats where. From the beautiful scenery, to the drunk dudes in the apartment, I cant find anything to complain about in this file. It can sooth the pain of a hard days work until it sleepz. Keep it up, Jeff (and make sure you've had a drink or two.)


ScoutTrooperPosted: 07/18/00 06:07   Report Abuse
The Force was disabled because it conflicts with the treasure hunt (e.g. *SPOILERS* jumping too high to prune trees near gazebos and bells, banging heads on low skies, being able to run waaay too fast for the speed limit when it comes to finding maps, healing when burning or being eaten, being able to fool police by becoming invisible). It could also be disabled because it might have caused unsquashable bugs. Oh yeah, did I mention THIS LEVEL IS THE GREATEST EVER MADE?!!! I love all the RPG elements in it and a treasure hunt to boot! Jeff Walters, you are a true Jedi if you could make something like this. You too Slug! And you HothRebel! And SavageX! You all have made JK levels from great to awesome to obsolete to legendary. Thank you!!


omarPosted: 07/27/00 21:09   Report Abuse
It's well made but too big for games with a small number of players. The no-force thing is a turn-off.


JuztynPosted: 07/30/00 01:07   Report Abuse
Long live Canyon Str-- er, I mean, Drazen Island! This level is second only to my own, but that might be because I'm a little biased.


IIS_DashPosted: 08/07/00 02:53   Report Abuse
but, I think this is Jeffs 1 hit wonder, cause its been almost a year now, and Jeff hasnt come with any other magnifisent levels,, and why doesnt Jeff ever respone to any of our comments?


ScoutTrooperPosted: 08/09/00 05:16   Report Abuse
Err, Dash, Jeff has left the JK community. What's happening to our JK editing masters?!?!! Hey, imagine if he came back when Obi-Wan was released. . .Drazen Isle, The-even-better-than-the-best-level-in-the-galaxy-Special-Edition!!! Oh wait, no multiplayer for it. Can you even make levels for it?? Hey, mabe it could be single player, and you could be like Jaxan and have Lumphas as fighter, and you have to fight the sherrif!! Oh the possibilities. . .if only it could happen.


ShinnnboyPosted: 08/17/00 12:47   Report Abuse
I've already read up on Obi-Wan, and you CAN do multiplayer! *wa-na!*

Also, I don't know if this is s fluke or not, but you can access both the 2-d and the 3-d islands you see waaaaaaaaaaaaay off in the distance... JEFF! WE NEED YOU BACK IN JK! Mebbe he didn't leave...maybe he's working on some killer project....muhahahahaha


JuztynPosted: 08/17/00 21:43   Report Abuse
Or maybe he's playing Asheron's Call... :)


ScoutTrooperPosted: 08/18/00 04:28   Report Abuse
BAH! Yes I found that out. Crap, I thought I was the one of the only people to find that out. Don't believe me? Let's just say that you have to go 'under water and over water'. Also there is a HUGE debate if it is a bug or not. I think it was supposed to be there, yet meant to look like a bug. You can even pull off a WOW* (Walk On Water)! People will get a huge kick after going into the Resort and looking in the Banoculars, only to see you stranded there. Eh? You wanna know where to find this 'Hidden Isle'? Hehe sorry. Where did you find that out, on the Message Board, or by finding it out on your own? I posted a message about finding it there a while back under the name 'BikerScout'. I found it out after exploring it for months. It is pretty crummy to find out that they those two islands across the beach are just Mats.

What would be great would be if he did surprise us and use that money thing on Barons Hed RPG!! *drool

*I do NOT mean to infringe on any Copyright. WOW is copyright by. . .whomever made that super-ultra-gnarly-groovy-killer-awesome-great-funkadellicly-cool Mod!


QualmC661Posted: 08/19/00 02:43   Report Abuse
This is DEFINENTLY the BEST LEVEL OUT THERE!!! Download immediately, its more than worth it!


SlugPosted: 08/20/00 06:24   Report Abuse
Heh - Don't expect any comeback tour by Jeff - The boy heeded to Asheron's Call, as Juz said.. He's stuck there forever.. He was sick of the limitations of the JK engine anyways.. He had planned to move onto Vampire, but I guess the game failed to catch his fancy..

The island thing is most definitely a bug - He says that it's a bug he's happy with though.. Adds a bit of flavor..


Saber_Ryan1Posted: 08/20/00 20:59   Report Abuse
This is one of the best levels i've ever played!! (exept for the no force thing..)


EmonPosted: 08/21/00 01:34   Report Abuse
AWESOME LEVEL! Force is disabled, which is good. Can be played as an RPG this way. Excellent gameplay, nice and large.

Incredible texturing, arcitecture and lighting. This is a MUST HAVE. BEST level I have EVER played!

My overall rating: 98%! GET IT NOW!


WLP_MasterPosted: 08/26/00 13:36   Report Abuse


LamentatorPosted: 09/01/00 20:21   Report Abuse
This level is an architectural and layout masterpiece. Sometimes I just play the level to roleplay. The cogs are good, and even the gameplay is good. The only thing would be to improve I think would be to make another island or something, just to expand. Its a wonderful level. This is the one to get.


WLP_MasterPosted: 09/04/00 01:50   Report Abuse
The only thing I can say about this level is "magical"


GeminiDragonPosted: 09/04/00 16:11   Report Abuse
You all are 100% correct, this level is the bomb! The drunk dudes are so hilarious that you'll stay there listening to them! The PA system is a nice little addition and the water tunnel is a great escape route should you need one. The chests are cleverly diverse, so you never know which part of the island you'll be making a mad dash to reach before the other players become assassins to stop you as it were.


FreypalPosted: 09/10/00 11:40   Report Abuse
Great level shame about the lag as most people dont have fast computers to play the level on. great size and extras make it something to keep coming back to. i have to agree that this level would be loads better with force powers as nf just spoils it.


TortethPosted: 09/21/00 10:42   Report Abuse
This is the most fun I've had in jedi Knight since low-grav Canyon Oasis. I've been to the other island but I still can't get into the gaming room...



StarSaberPosted: 09/21/00 23:18   Report Abuse
Great Level! if you can only Download one level, this is it!

I can get to the other island... but what is the gaming room?


Faramir987Posted: 10/08/00 21:58   Report Abuse
Excuse me for my loss of words, but this is miraculous. The level is huge and includes everything you could possibly want in a level, ranging from the numerous sniping points all the way to the "out of the way" places to hide. I also must compliment the detail in this level, it was amazing how many mats and 3dos are stuffed into this island. Awesome job.


Dark_ShadowPosted: 10/10/00 19:03   Report Abuse
This level is sheer genius! I have never seen anything like it. It is the best level out there!


TLE_ThrmalPosted: 10/13/00 01:09   Report Abuse
THIS LEVEL ROCKS! By far, one of the best levels ive ever seen! Keep up the good work Jeff! Im looking forward to your next one if you make another


TN_CrusaderPosted: 10/18/00 13:58   Report Abuse
GREATEST LEVEL EVER MADE!!!!!! by the way THRAWN congradulations you wrote the first comment. JEFF-WALTERS COME HOME!


LoA_Anxious_BobPosted: 10/24/00 20:54   Report Abuse
Hey this level is so much fun i enjoy playing just by myself. with the "a jedi's robe" and the tour bus and the treasure chests and everything is so cool. well i dont play on the zone with this level much though 'cause of the lag but its a great level!! How do you get to that other island though?


R2D2ARMPosted: 11/11/00 18:47   Report Abuse
I think this level is great! Good job!
Your level is very unique than other MP levels because you have the treasure hunt and story line that really doesn't deal with JK or Star Wars.
I hope you make more levels for JK.


Duo_SaberPosted: 11/21/00 17:05   Report Abuse
This level is by far one of the greatest levels ever made. Jeff did a great favor to JK by making this level. It has everything, great texturing, fun cogs, something to do other than battle and weapons were placed in good spots. I commend this level as a level editor and I say please come back Jeff your our only hope... heh

- Duo_Saber


bobafett765Posted: 11/25/00 22:21   Report Abuse
THANK YOU JEFF WALTERS! Listen people, if you had to choose only one level as a multiplayer addon, Drazen Isle should be your choice! Even though it is big, shall I say HUGE, which means finding your enemies can be a pain, it is still VERY fun! It has TONS of secrets which I won't reveal because you should download it and find them yourself. The level has everything a small island town would need - a movie theater, marketplace, sherrif station (I wouldn't recommend walking in there with a weapon out...), clothing store (to change skins), restaurant, beach, docks, tour bus (very cool), hotel, apartments, and some other places. It provides great gameplay for FF, NF, sabers, guns, etc. If you like to play with cogs, however, the game outlaws almost all. Have fun and thanks Jeff for the best JK level of all time!!!! The rating scale only goes up to 10, what's wrong with an 11?


ChewbaccaPosted: 11/26/00 17:17   Report Abuse
This level has the greatest architecture I have ever seen in a JK level. The maps are tricky to solve at first, the locations can be well hidden, and the effects the treasure has can be fun (except the mofo woggles). If you use DBZ3.0 you can teleport into the fish tank at the Drugon's Bite or teleport into the movie at the theatre. Hmm... wonder what would happen if someone hit the previews switch while a guy was in there?

Anyway, I'm going to spoil all the secrets for you. The Game Room and the Island. There really aren't anymore....

Game room: Go into Gordie and Uggies house. Go into Gordie Jr's bedroom (the one bed). Hit space bar on the bed, and it moves. Go down, and you're in the closed Sabacc place.

Island: Go to the part of the water by Drazen where there is a boat with a man under it at the bottom. Facing the water out there, go all the way left and foward as you can. Once you stop, go underwater and straight. You'll end up past the boundary. Swim foward until you reach a stretch of land that has a sky mat on it (or a chunk of ice). Swim to the end of it, then jump over the water (the ice thing blocks off the entrance underwater, and it lasts till the end of the map). In front of you will be the secret island. To get to the other two, just change direction. You can walk on the water there to the metal mats.


FIA_PLECCYPosted: 11/30/00 01:15   Report Abuse
Wow, what a level, It's getting old but I still play it all the time. I notice that some of the older comments say that the level is too large and to laggy, well isn't that the beauty of the level? It's so large it has a real atmosphere about it and with high bandwidth internet connections now becoming ever more popular this shouldn't be a problem. I use a GeForce 2 GTS Pro graphics card with a ADSL connection - the way Jeff knew it should be played, i get frame rates in excess of 100. Yes It's become a clich but this level is excellent, my favorite by far and I've played alot. But BAH_Strike's "Shelva RPG" is looking impressive although it's only in beta form at the moment. I would recommend anyone to download this level it's fantastic but give it a chance! Alot of newbies quickly dismiss the level because there is no force and they can't be bothered to explore because it's too big - don't do it! Oh yeah and why have people said that No force in the level is bad? If you bothered to read the documentation you'd know why! Come on Jeff plz come back to JK and make us a Drazen Isle 2... we'd be your best friends! :) -Pleccy-


SlingsRatPosted: 11/30/00 10:34   Report Abuse
This is a great level which I think would have been better as an SP. Too hard to fight here, spend most of our time lazing around the pool! Ah classic!


PravdaPosted: 12/10/00 22:48   Report Abuse
I was around when this level first came out, and my opinion STILL hasn't changed: Best MP level I've ever gotten.

I just wish that authour's would make more levels of this size and complexity. (Not too subtle hint!)


FW_LoreSeekerPosted: 12/21/00 15:02   Report Abuse
This is the most popular add-on level for JK. I see 20 or so games with the title "Drazen Isle RPG" on them. This is THE BEST ever! I highly recommend that everybody gets it. *worships the level*


DBZM_KakarotPosted: 12/24/00 12:43   Report Abuse
well judgeing by ALL of the comments i would say this level is THE BEST made in ages but there is one thing to finish for all the people in the world who dont have the wonders of the 3dfx card THEY NEED LESS LAGG!! but overall i think its great good job! :)


HAK_ValjeanPosted: 12/24/00 18:57   Report Abuse
Try slashing at gordie jnr in the sabacc hut to hear a nice surprise.


THC_Ree-Yo FettPosted: 01/31/01 16:24   Report Abuse
Classic...Plain and simple. If you have framerate problems, then get a better computer cause this level is a legend!


CaligoSecutorisPosted: 02/16/01 21:03   Report Abuse
I remember playing this level for the first time, and it was one of the coolest I have ever played! I highly recommend anyone to download this file! look for great architecture and indepth details!


OberfeldwebelPosted: 02/22/01 20:26   Report Abuse
Well Ive Got A 7594 comp witch is very popular and its got 3d card this time so ill get it


rogue94Posted: 03/25/01 07:51   Report Abuse
I liked the level, good graphics and i had an extreme amount of fun diving into the pool, gets kinda laggy when there are lots of ppl in it.


BerlickPosted: 03/27/01 18:24   Report Abuse
Why has it only got a rating of 8!
I've had this level since it came out and although it can lag bad it is an excellent level.


Yun24Posted: 03/30/01 00:13   Report Abuse
Even though gamplay is a little mediocre IT STILL FUN! gamplay get lag though. GREAT ARCITECTURE and the Treasure hunt rox! GREAT LEVEL! HORRAY FOR JEFF WALTERS!


Dark_BrakissPosted: 04/24/01 19:23   Report Abuse


Rogue12Posted: 05/13/01 16:15   Report Abuse
This is probably the best JK level I have EVER played, and I've played a lot. This is an amazing level. LucasArts ought to hire this guy to make games for them, because quite frankly this is excellent. Incredible.


sixddPosted: 05/16/01 01:08   Report Abuse
This level is an architects dream.It is both stunning and beutiful. But it is still a little to dark in some places.


Jeff WaltersPosted: 05/31/01 23:25   Report Abuse
I'd just like to thank everyone for their comments and feedback :)

Drazen Isle 2 *may* well be on the cards...but not until JK2 is out. Time to learn to edit Q3 I guess heh


Desert FoxPosted: 06/01/01 04:11   Report Abuse
I dont know how this level is yet because i am in the process of downloading it. But from all the happy comments, i have gathered that this is a happy level. I am happy.


jedidave1986Posted: 06/11/01 00:23   Report Abuse
This level is the best i have ever seen and I think it will continue to be for a while. This level had so much planning and work go into it and it turned out beautiful. If you don't have this level i will make you download it.

the drunk guys are the best.


DBZM_KINGVEGETAPosted: 06/13/01 14:46   Report Abuse
GREAT LEVEL!!!!! ummm....EXCELLENT WORK JEFF!!! I've been out of Jedi Knight for 6 months now because my stupid computer has bunches of viruses on it that screw my patch commander, and the only way to fix it is to format my hard drive. After reading all these posts I've made up my mind and I'm going to format my hard drive and come back to play Drazen Isle. I just remembered the good ol' days...Getting this level for the first time and playing it with DBZX_VeGeTaX, swimming to the other island for the first time, killing little Gordie for insulting me...those were fun times. You've made the BEST damn level ever! I can't wait for DF3 to come out.

It's EXTREMELY funny to play with DBZ 3.0 and kill little Gordie with the Big Bang Attack (conc). This level is meant to be played NF. This level is on my top 5 list, which consists of Drazen, Dralloc Hotel and Casino, Blue Rain, Java Dwelling SE, and something else I can't remember because I've been gone so long...


RoR_XplodPosted: 06/25/01 23:50   Report Abuse
I have a 1000 MHz computer so I don't know anything about lagg.. Drazen Isle is a really cool level, and everyone who plays JK should have this ( Its a MUST ) I'll give it a good rating of 8


morphes_0Posted: 07/06/01 13:06   Report Abuse
i have but one word to describe the whole lev.....

WOW!!! great work jeff!! =


morphes_0Posted: 07/06/01 13:09   Report Abuse
Hey Jeff, great level man. Although it is a little confusing at first cause it's so big.
Anyway, keep up the good work. P.S. Just wondering, but whats your occupation? and i want to know tooo!


Axis86Posted: 07/16/01 05:09   Report Abuse
Breathtaking. An awesome level filled with innovative ideas. I like the idea of locking myself up in the wedding suite and gunning everyone that comes by from the deck. This is one of those levels you can never fully explore. Great job Jeff! Please make another!


SAURONPosted: 08/01/01 16:35   Report Abuse
*squeals like little girl* OMG! one of the best of the best of the best *breath* of the best of the best *continues for several hours* i just love this level. It did however lose a point for being rather difficult to navigate, for me anyway. I still love this level adn you should to. actually i dont get much lag on this level, with four or five peopel, after that it tends to start lagging pretty badly, but still...YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS NOW! AND IF YOU LIKE RPGING, THEN YOURE LIFE DEPENDS ON DOWNLOADING THIS LEVEL!!! not however for newbies, the sale system for the items is REALLY confuseing at first


Grendles FriendPosted: 08/01/01 16:39   Report Abuse
best level ever


JediStarCPosted: 08/02/01 15:38   Report Abuse
A for sure 10! This level rocks! The best level I've downloaded in a while.


Jedi Red 2Posted: 08/09/01 15:23   Report Abuse
Excellent level in every way, perfect texture, perfect architechture, just plain perfect, except I gave it a 9, why?
NO FORCE! Oh why, and how! Did you do that? If I had been abble to use the force, a 10+++ this level would be but how oh how can I fight without my ally?

-Jedi Red 2


ThePimpOfFunnyPosted: 08/18/01 13:56   Report Abuse
OMG this level is awesome! I give it a big fat 10! Whoever does not download this is missing out! This is by far the best JK add-on level ever made! Beautiful architecture, superior gameplay, and I love how weapons only appear at certain times, and the treasure cogs are excellent!!!! Great job!! Keep up the good...wait...GREAT work!!


JKNR_EJViperPosted: 08/28/01 02:14   Report Abuse
This is the best level for RPG games, the many options of the maps, makes it the best multiplayer map for gunners and saberists. Congratulation for that map. If you do a better map ill get it.


JKNR_EJViperPosted: 08/29/01 13:34   Report Abuse
I really like the map, but i dont understand the treasure hunt very well, the point is get a map that is not a map really, and you have to take it to a guy in the library, but i dont really know what to do after that. And there are many doors closed with voice inside thats cool. This map is really good guys get it!


Gilg85Posted: 09/05/01 00:41   Report Abuse
Viper, if you check out the Readme, it explains how the treasure hunt works. I went for the longest time not knowing too.

Anyways, This is, quite simply the best level ever! Its sheer size alone makes it excellent, and the many features (treasure hunt, dialogue) make it fun to play even alone.

I give it a 10!


JFA_MagusPosted: 09/09/01 23:10   Report Abuse
I don't think there is much more to be said about this level! Bottom Line, it's going to be a classic for as long as JK is played, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is remade for future versions of JK or Quake games. It's simply an outstanding level and it's a shame the reviews only average at a Nine, because levels that don't deserve them get 10s because only one or two people rate them... With so many people I guess Nine is pretty good, but this levels rating should be moved up to 10! It deserves it! (I just had to get a comment into the Drazen Comment area because I felt it historicly important or something. *Grins*)


Deek FalwonPosted: 09/29/01 06:08   Report Abuse
drazen RULES on a scale of 1 to 10....it gets a TRILLION!


DemonMunkPosted: 10/01/01 14:14   Report Abuse
This lev kicks more but than anything before it. This is my fav lev.


GettleburgerPosted: 10/09/01 18:12   Report Abuse
O.M.G., 13000+ downloads, that is just amazing for any massassi level, congrats jeff, your level kicks serious ass! :)


TSS_YODA_161Posted: 10/14/01 04:41   Report Abuse
This level couldent be any better it rocks!!!
The ultimate RPG level with so many things you can do the Treasure hunt to but one thing i have found that is you are playing an RPG on this level as soon as a treasure map appears most people scramble to get it o well just head em of at the book shop.


DSMegaRedFalconPosted: 11/07/01 23:11   Report Abuse
this level was not a masterpiece ok weird people. me and my friend DSMKnight thought it was too big and too confusing being that you kept getting lost and couldnt find anyone. and when you did the area is like a maze and you cant escape. you know what i thought about a seven but i convinced myself to give it a 6. the only good thing was the scenery. and people dont be "worshiping" this level especially since he made some of it while drunk. thats saying you do good things while drunk. so Jeff if you make a second Drazon Isle. make it less confusing. oh i give you an eight for effort!


CSM_SaBrE_TiGeRPosted: 11/25/01 23:38   Report Abuse
I hope you have more levels like this in the future, cuz i loved it, an automatic classic


DI_WarpedNewtPosted: 11/30/01 23:44   Report Abuse
well this level was, very well designed, bu for replayablility and lag, zone, and fighting other this level realy cannot fill in this role for poeple with under 300mhz...i lived this level for a couple days. it was good looking, but quickly there was nothign to do with it after i foudn all the secrets and played a couple times

i think it would have faired as great single player level, but it was just not what i would call for people that like to fight other like.

batteling others-5

overall - 8


Elemental709Posted: 12/02/01 00:09   Report Abuse
I give this level a 10. Awesome textures!!!!! The one thing is funny and no right is when you knock one of thedoor where Jan Ors and the Mayor flirt at each other (ahem...."very nasty"). Anyways, this level is veryawesome, a masterpiece, very kool and great for RPG.


Pout_TrooperPosted: 12/11/01 07:22   Report Abuse

What did you say Master Walters?

Why, O WHY was that not posted on the News page?!?!?!?!?!??! I think I'm gonna die. Erm, I KNOW I'm gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't care if it takes you 5 years to complete it, cause if it is anything like No. 1, you will be crowned JK2 king. I guarrantee it.


Tyler DurdanPosted: 12/27/01 02:53   Report Abuse
This level is very large, and took me over a week to memorize everything well enough to win a game playing it.

The problem I see with this level though is the immensity of it. Its hard to keep the action going becuase it is so large, and the fact that it is large taxes a persons systems heavily, meaning the number of people who can play is limited. The most I have played with is seven and even at that ammount, things were touch and go, play and wait.

Its pretty to look at and maybe role play with your buddies but thats about it in my opinion.

Rating: 8
Reasons: Outstanding visuals, poor flow.


OmegaZeroPosted: 01/19/02 05:44   Report Abuse
Excellente! Magnifico! Please tell me you'll make this level for Jedi Knight 2 when it comes out!!


kyle90Posted: 02/22/02 01:07   Report Abuse
WOW!!!! This level rocks. It's amazing, magnificant, fabulous, great, perfect, superb, and exellent! I don't care that it has poor gameplay! I can amuse myself for hours by playing this level with no opponents!!!! There is always something new to discover!!!! Make this for JKII please please PLEASE!!!! (and Red Faction too, because this would be the coolest level with Geo-mod)


LHarmPosted: 03/23/02 20:19   Report Abuse
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) the best level 10 for good fun 1000 for good fun 29000 for being the best level for jk I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Your total 6000000


CelesJessaPosted: 03/24/02 17:35   Report Abuse
Wow! 100th comment, I feel so special.

Anyhoo.. I LOVE big levels so I love this level, it is one to keep for ages on end. It is a Jedi Knight masterpeice. When I first got it I was completely LOST but I played it so much I've mastered the whole map!
A must have classic.

Drazen Island, compaired to most all of the other levels, is like a N64 game to a NES game. Sure, there are other great levels out there, but this one, for me is the best of the best. (unfortunately, there's not many games with it on the zone. :( )


morphes_0Posted: 03/29/02 11:13   Report Abuse
WOW this is the best level! i have a few upgrades you shood make to drazen II maby a car or 2,it needs more cilvilians and please make drazen II PLEASE (and i think many people here will agree!)


gLyDe_FfPosted: 04/14/02 00:09   Report Abuse
holy **** this is DA BOMB!!!!!!! just 1 thing for drazen two... make under water LESS


DraGoN FanGPosted: 04/27/02 01:38   Report Abuse
this map is awesome!! If this was created for Outcast, it would be the most kick ass gaming anyone has ever seen. I hope someone will work on this for Outcast. I'm sure a lot of you will agree.


morphes_0Posted: 07/06/02 09:39   Report Abuse
Hay! I've been looking and serching for levels made by Jeff Walters and i've only found 1...drazen island. So when are you going to make a new level, because I think I speek for every 1 here when I say "Make A New Level" I segest Drazen 2 set a few years after the findings of all the maps or that movie traler thing, that could be a lev. so give us a response man! cya


[US]Silenced_FuryPosted: 07/08/02 21:59   Report Abuse
this level isnt tiny it isnt a little less than tiny... ITS FRIGGIN HUGE! (my own little remake of a scene from saturday night live) very very fun!! great for rpg's! i give it a 10


MasterJediLukePosted: 10/14/02 19:22   Report Abuse
I got this level ages ago, when I was on a 56k, and i only just got around to re-dling it. This level is great!
This level wins a rating of 100% and MasterJediLuke's Angel Award!


Jeff WaltersPosted: 10/20/02 06:33   Report Abuse
Hey people :)

A friend of mine is/was making Drazen 2. Not sure on it's current status. If you see Dracard in #massassi, hassle him about it ;) I took one look at the JO engine and decided I didn't want to put myself through all that hard work again heh.

morphes_0: I made one other JK level, Cardia. It's not on Massassi....might be on Hyperview if it's still up. I did a couple of DF levels long ago as well - Great Escape/Mt. Kurek. My only JO level, Return to Mt. Kurek will be out any day now in the CCCP.

Finally, I'd just like to say I really wish I'd tweaked the Sales system on this level a bit more....it can be a bit frustrating waiting for weapons/ammo. Anyway, take care :)


Wolf DevilPosted: 10/20/02 16:37   Report Abuse
Edit: Er.. n/m


TeePosted: 10/20/02 18:39   Report Abuse
MM, I'm sending you my left testicle in the post. Y'know, its just my way of saying 'thanks'.


Force master2Posted: 01/25/03 15:21   Report Abuse
Hi, just popping in to say how great this level is, beats B&G2 by a longshot!

try using teamplay, then work together to find the secrets, sales and maps/relics!


morphes_0Posted: 04/20/03 05:16   Report Abuse
I think YOU shood make a Drazen 2, I think i speek for every 1 when i say YOU are the best level maker in the galaxy! So i think you shood make anouther Drazen- better then the 1st one!!! Do it for your grandfather!


SkyXaxPosted: 09/13/03 18:41   Report Abuse


Neo_oSiriSPosted: 09/27/03 01:09   Report Abuse
The BEST mp lvl at massassi!It has everything, from puzzle to secrets! 10/10
11 if i could


EdwardPosted: 10/10/03 10:22   Report Abuse
Greate Level!
I give you 10!
Although, I'm wondering... How do you get onto the roof of the bell house without force jump or grappling hook?
But hay... A nice place to make myself a... JWB!



Jeff WaltersPosted: 10/20/03 07:05   Report Abuse
To get on that roof you need to run up the stairs in the apartment building next to the gazebo and jump out the window, then across onto the roof.

Oh and regarding Drazen 2, yeah I don't think Drac's version is going to see the light of day. As for a future Drazen 2 in a different engine, I dunno it's not very likely, but never say never I guess :) I'm not going to be doing anything for JKA that's for sure though.

Man...this level is over four years old now. Wierd. Thanks to everyone who has commented and downloaded the level over the years.

[Edit - and how's this for wierd...I posted my last comment exactly a year ago, maybe I'll make this an annual checkup :P]


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 10/26/03 21:49   Report Abuse
Omfg cant belive how this still owns, it has gone so long of JK's existance and still nothing has beat this! 10/10 it was 100 % Perfect, even is today and can never be bad!


MasterJediLukePosted: 11/02/03 12:42   Report Abuse
I have reviewed before. This level is still the greatest! Please make a JK2 version! It brings me back to JK1 from the clutches of JK2 and JK3.


NightwindPosted: 11/07/03 04:29   Report Abuse
It has been said before, but for the heck of it, I'll say it again. Jeff Walters is the master of J.K editing. Please make a J.O. version!


Force master2Posted: 11/09/03 20:58   Report Abuse
I can't stress this enough, this is the best JK level to date, if you don't have the jedi academy or JK2, then this is the best level for JK, and try with many people, this is too small for under 6 people!


Force master2Posted: 11/09/03 20:59   Report Abuse
wait a mo... did i say "too small"? I ment "too big"


MASTER_OF_BLADESPosted: 01/13/04 01:43   Report Abuse


MASTER_OF_BLADESPosted: 01/13/04 01:43   Report Abuse


SpearleafPosted: 06/06/04 00:25   Report Abuse
Best level out there for Jk. 10/10


LHarmPosted: 12/11/04 03:25   Report Abuse
Even after the realease of HL2, this is the best map ever.


hawkknight88Posted: 02/15/05 04:17   Report Abuse
It's kinda cool how the comments were about 5 years ago when they started. I've been with JK for a long, long time and this map is my favorite and has never been bested. If you could make a map like this for Jedi Academy the world would love you, Jeff. I've gotten Halo2 and seen amazing graphics and such, but this map has a replay value like nothing else. Anyways, I'm sure we'll all remember this map fondly when we think of our old gaming days.


Saber_Ryan1Posted: 03/22/05 17:47   Report Abuse
Ahh... Talk about a trip down memory lane. Heh, my last comments on all these classic levels were done five years ago. This has got to be my all-time favorite Jedi Knight level, and the one that brings back the fondest memories of days gone by. I remember the day I first downloaded it, and I played it an UNCOUNTABLE amount of times on the Zone afterwards. Anyway, if you don't already have this level, get it. Along with Caesar's Palace, Mos Espa RPG, Jawa Dwelling SE, etc. Long live JK!!


Morphes_2000Posted: 12/08/06 13:47   Report Abuse
Its benn even longer now! im making this comment in 2006, and i think i made the last one in 1998(morphes_0 and master of blades)!! Now that JO and JA are out i think this level will go down in history as the best level in all 3 jedi knight games, and we hope that Jeff is still reading all this and knowing that he is the master! So for JK, i say:


Number7teenPosted: 05/18/08 15:57   Report Abuse
Yeah, totally


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