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This is the first CTF level I made. Its about the size of "Arena of dark and light". Both bases are identical so navigation isn't hard. All teammates are spawned to the resupply room where all the players of that team can resupply on all the weapons, health, and shields. Also features concussion turrets for both teams.

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Download: SavageX's CTF
File Size: 414k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: SavageX
Downloads: 1547


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 8
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ReAcToRPosted: 06/21/00 21:53   Report Abuse
This is one of the better CTF levels, but it has very bad fps drag in the main area. Besides that, this level is very good.


SidusPosted: 06/22/00 23:16   Report Abuse
I never experienced any framerate problems while playing this level. My only gripes are that it's rather small (I'm a fanatic of the larger levels, like the Challenge at Nar Shaddaa), and that the platforms over the water are missing a floor flag. It's very fun to play in, though.


hPosted: 09/03/00 20:40   Report Abuse
nice. no lag&drag at all (of course, i have a WAY overaverage computer).


SmoffPosted: 08/27/01 17:26   Report Abuse
I'd like to thank SavageX for releasing this.

I have enjoyed the gameplay which is a little different from other ctf levels I've played due to a very effective defence mechanism.

Yes, I found the defenders to have too high an advantage. Maybe it was me being a deficient attacker against my clanmates Temp, DM and Kar but I really struggled.

Once the conc defences start firing and perhaps with the extra problem of a defender concing you from above it made it hard.

In general though I enjoyed it and love having a choice of ctf levels to play.

Good job SavageX


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