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This level is a CTF level set in a semi-water slide park. In the level are 4 water slides as well as some other stuff you have to see for yourself. This level is an attempt to add the same strategy and fun as The Challenge at Nar Shaddaa. (nothing compares to Nar :P ) There are new 3DOs and mats in this level. Some I made and one I didnt.


Level Info:

Download: Waterslide CTF
File Size: 143k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Anthony "RooM 112" Nguyen
Downloads: 1680


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 1
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RiverShinobiPosted: 12/09/00 14:34   Report Abuse
Since this is my first comment in regards to any level that I have tried out, I am only giving you an average rating. There were a number of factors that ballanced out my final ratings, and let me tell you why. I'm not sure if this is your first level or what, but I give you very high marks because of the original idea. Personally, I'd love to do a CtF all over a waterpark. That's really a great thought. However, the water just wasn't with ya on this level. The Force might have been, but the water wasn't. I mean, honestly, it didn't even look like a water park. But don't feel bad, I doubt I could do much better if I decided to do a level. Keep trying, though. Chalk this one up to expiramentation and keep moving on with your level design. Sooner or later I'm sure you'll stumble across something that works really well for you.


Room112Posted: 01/10/01 01:04   Report Abuse

I was the one who made this map...oh so long ago. January 1999 was its release! Can you believe it? Wow so long ago. This was the second user made CTF map (first being Razor's GenocideCTF map). Anyway, in response to your comments; although I suggested it be a waterpark, it doesnt look like a traditional waterpark. Its not suppose to look like one. Its a futuristic setting. I didnt really want to make it look like amusement park/disneyland; i wanted to give it its own flavor, something that resembled more of LEC style JK maps. I dont think I totally accomplished that with Waterslide, but I tried. There are lots of things I could have done differently, some I probably should have, but that was a long time ago and oh well. This was my last map I ever created for JK. All of my following projects got lost in a format, or were never finished. Oh well...life goes on. I havent played JK in soo long...


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