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This patch makes weapons and items cooler. This is my first truly released mod. All of the weapons have various special things that they do. There are no bugs as far as I know; this is the final release of this mod. Look forward to my partial TC coming out, Wedge Antilles.

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Level Info:

Download: Chaos Weapon Pack
File Size: 516k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Hebedee
Downloads: 4951


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 9
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TGE_luck64_ERGPosted: 07/29/00 04:16   Report Abuse
Very cool with Infinite ammo for most guns and all are machine gun, must have if you wish to have a chaos in your level!


AglarPosted: 09/30/00 15:38   Report Abuse


TR_GagePosted: 09/30/00 15:40   Report Abuse
It is not called a partial TC, it is called a PC, meaning PARTIAL Conversion!


HebedeePosted: 11/19/00 19:03   Report Abuse
Aglar: I have no idea...


UZIMANPosted: 12/14/00 19:04   Report Abuse
This patch is great!!! if u like blowing things sky-high, load this! this patch is awesome in MP!!!!


DivinE_KorNPosted: 12/19/00 20:06   Report Abuse
OMG! dood...get ur own weapons... 3 of those were from the IWP (Imperial Weapons Patch) and IWP2 patches...dude... get some creativity you moron.... based on what i saw... even the guns you made sucked...all in all i give you a 1.


POV_SarurmanPosted: 02/07/01 18:39   Report Abuse
This is a really cool mod. But what is with the fly mod??? you cant go down.
Over all a good mod.


HebedeePosted: 02/13/01 02:28   Report Abuse
Umm.. I admitted up there that I was a complete idiot for releasing this mod, Mister I-Like-To-Insult-People-A-Lot. I had permission from Mr. Haun to use those weapons, even though in my editing "newness" I had no idea to make them compatible with Multiplayer. To get down with the flying feature, push it on and off quickly.


ExKnightPosted: 05/02/01 21:37   Report Abuse
I give this a 9. Out of all the re-creations of the Assault Cannon that I've downloaded, this is the best of all. Cool skin too. The only thing that was wrong(the reason I gave it a 9) was the weapon that replaced the Repeater. I couldn't fire anywhere in close quaters with that thing. Overall, an excellent mod.


EthanPosted: 05/24/01 20:52   Report Abuse
Please make a patch so that you won't die w/ invincibility and you'll be able to use the guns up close!Why use them if your ganna die!


Alex2002Posted: 10/20/01 14:27   Report Abuse
This mod sounds cool, If only I had the program to work it, can someone tell me where you get it from?


PIPPosted: 03/16/04 22:15   Report Abuse
I agree with DivinE_KorN


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