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This Patch will replace Kyle with Bossk. Bossk actually looks like Bossk from the Star Wars films. Bossk kicks flips and has a customised Strom Trooper Rifle and Concussion Rifle. Bossk also has very fast mana regeneration and can heal his shields.


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Download: Bounty Hunetrs Mods Part 2: Bossk
File Size: 128k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Vindicare
Downloads: 2021


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 3
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BugscanPosted: 07/04/00 20:01   Report Abuse
I'm not convinced this is a 'great' mod. I would advise you make one with Dengar or a different bounty hunter.Because you already have him in multiplayer.It only gives you him in single player.....


VindicarePosted: 07/08/00 14:56   Report Abuse
This mod gives Bossk in Single Player because it is only part 2 of a series of about 5 mods. When all 5 have been done a multiplayer version will be released the aims of these mods are to create more realistic bounty hunters.


JediApprenticeZerathPosted: 11/22/00 00:39   Report Abuse
Nice mod though I think the kicking pointless because of it's little damage slow movement and close range, if I went into hand to hand I'd just punch. It's good mod other than that.


Q'nithianPosted: 03/10/01 00:01   Report Abuse
Decent mod. The trandoshan himself was detailed nicely, although I couldn't notice any modifications to the weapons. The only other gripe i have is that the character moved excruciatingly slow.


DengAr_182Posted: 07/30/02 14:09   Report Abuse
Very cool,the skin colour is just right for Bossk.I love the flip.I gave it an 8.


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