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This patch will replace Kyle with Greedo from episode 4. Greedo has his own blastech pistol, sounds and can flip. This mod doesn't affect any other rodians in the game!


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Download: Bounty Hunters Mods Part 1: Greedo
File Size: 160k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Vindicare
Downloads: 1788


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 8
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BugscanPosted: 07/06/00 13:55   Report Abuse
Um, not to be rude.But he's blue. (He's supposed to be green)


VindicarePosted: 07/08/00 14:59   Report Abuse
I assure you Greedo is blue if you give me your email address I will sent the pictures that I used to help me create this skin. Several people have asked me why he is blue and each time I have emailed them the pics so if you want proof that Greedo is blue email me at and I will send you them



Snor143Posted: 07/29/00 05:33   Report Abuse
Hey Vindicare! Just wanted to say I love all your mods and hope you keep up the good work!


VindicarePosted: 08/05/00 16:52   Report Abuse
Thanx alot. To see my latest work visit


Knightmare_XPosted: 08/10/00 06:05   Report Abuse
good mod. you should do more.


VindicarePosted: 08/12/00 06:58   Report Abuse
I intend to. As well as my BEA projects I am currently working on a bunch of ELdar skisn. Bounty hnters Mods 3: Boba Fett and Bounty Hunters Mods 4: Dengar



Wran DradPosted: 08/22/00 21:39   Report Abuse
I'm sorry, but Greedo is green, not blue. The pictues you have used must be discolored or something. Have YOU ever seen episode 4? His skin is very very green, ANY star wars fan can tell you that. And another thing, there is no such thing a green Rodian. I'm sorry if this sounds like an attack. Other than that, it's a great mod.


VindicarePosted: 09/02/00 12:16   Report Abuse
Have you ever seen the Star Wars action figures??? Is it simply a coincidence that all the Greedo figures are blue and the other rodians are green??? Who knows???


Slayer_2_Posted: 09/24/00 16:09   Report Abuse
UM.... hate to break this to you, but I HAVE a greedo action figure. And he's green, green, green.


D-MiesterPosted: 09/27/00 21:28   Report Abuse
Cool patch. I agree with you that he sould be blue...but did you have to make his pants blue too? He looks sort of like he's not wearing any.


_JP_danny8533Posted: 10/14/00 21:42   Report Abuse
actualy thre were more then one series of star wars figures released, one series he was a blueish color and the other greenish, but the movie was out before the figures and in the movie greedo was green.


HobobobPosted: 10/20/00 01:17   Report Abuse
HEIS BLUE! I've been watching since i was FOUR!


Brandon MezeiPosted: 10/27/00 12:45   Report Abuse
Its a great skin but I been watching star wars since I was 2 and he is green buddy. But nice Mod over all.


UZIMANPosted: 12/14/00 18:58   Report Abuse
If you think he's blue;iI'm sorry to say it, but your crazy! YES, he's SLIGHTLY bluish in the movie, but if u read the Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia, it says, pointing to him, GREEN SKIN!!!!!! HE'S GREEN!!!!!


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 01/26/01 14:05   Report Abuse
Actually, he's blue-green! Didn't anyone think of THAT? He's a green-blue or blue-green, not green, and not blue!

I'll tell ya one thing though, he looks crazy in this mod. That skin looks awful! The suit he's wearin is all the wrong colors, and his skin is blue! Eek! You gotta make him more green than THAT!


RogueJediPosted: 01/27/01 22:52   Report Abuse
Yes..i agree with Scorpian...Greedo is bluish/ between...though..hes definatly not THAT blue.all rodians hav diffrnt skin us..

Anyways..great mods..i luv this series..hope to see sum Dengar, Ig88 4LOM/Zuckass and Aurra Sing..mods..7/10


SuperNerd_IJPosted: 03/18/01 02:23   Report Abuse
OK,Rodians Are Bluish, greenish.

I think they lok green. The rodian is my favorite alien, and im pretty sure that they are mostly green. Greedo had a bluish tint. Maybe it ment he was an idiot, i dont know! If any of you have read "Tales From Mos Eisley Cantina" You would (i think) find that greedo himself says rodians are green.


vPosted: 09/20/01 20:14   Report Abuse
Greedo is green and whats episode four??? its only episode 1 and two's not out yet


KammericePosted: 10/01/01 12:37   Report Abuse
Um, Episode 4, you know, A New Hope. The Death Star. Alderann dead. You know what I'm saying?


PicPosted: 10/02/01 17:51   Report Abuse
He is right when he says he is blue. Not that dark blue color, maybe a little lighter.


PicPosted: 10/02/01 17:53   Report Abuse
ANd he does lok like he has no pants and a shirt on. He kinda looks like a... (hope you figure it out)


Tloc_Zloc_KillPosted: 10/09/01 21:14   Report Abuse


Exar KunPosted: 12/16/01 03:43   Report Abuse
It is a great mod ,except Greedo is Green not blue. Just check Ep 1 DVD( I know it wasn't out when this mod was released). For some help on these things just go to ,it'll only take a min to look it up ... 8


Exar KunPosted: 12/16/01 03:45   Report Abuse

(Look in Deleted scenes on DVD , Anakins rumble with Greedo)


bopswaPosted: 03/18/02 15:50   Report Abuse
umm tloc_zloc_kill,greedo is not the greenest character in the movie,but there is this one guy at the bar,i dunno his name,but hes green


DengAr_182Posted: 07/30/02 14:15   Report Abuse
After seeing the deleted Greedo scene from Episode 1 (its in pure daylight)im convinced that greedos skin is in,sorry buddy.


DengAr_182Posted: 07/30/02 14:28   Report Abuse
Still cool though:)


Eric_LightheartPosted: 08/13/02 17:13   Report Abuse
Just to put an end to this argument, I (seconds ago) watched the argument between Solo and Greedo. He is most certainly GREEN. (6 for effort).


Totaly_SuicidalPosted: 08/27/02 19:14   Report Abuse
um... great mod an i wanna c more of ur work but when i go 2 the website u posted how do i find ur mods plz help


duo02998Posted: 11/13/02 01:35   Report Abuse
hey, I'm really sorry, but your all wrong.... HE'S ORANGE! MWHAHAHAHA!..... ok, but seriously, I think he's a blueish green....heheheh.... orange.....


StormInvaderPosted: 06/20/03 23:26   Report Abuse
He's blue.He is green in the game not the movie.But because he's blueish-greenish he's sort of both.


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