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A huge skin pack containing 240 quality star wars only skins from these authors: Jepman, Skywalker, Al McDonald, Marc Sauvé, Sebulba(HOV), Ak_Slade, NJO_TIMEWOLF, Sir Greedo, Gamerx64, Magnum. It also includes a corrected version of the GOZ blastech pistol, with better point of view and matting, and new sabers, made by Vega and myself. If anyone has Star Wars skins, send them my way and they will be included in BSWP 2. The blastech is only a new 3do to fit the star wars universe, nothing else has changed from the normal pistol. Enjoy.


Level Info:

Download: Big Star Wars Pack
File Size: 7.03 m
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Sebulba(HOV)
Downloads: 4731


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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AndyPosted: 06/26/00 13:51   Report Abuse
Big Download...


BrettPosted: 08/07/00 02:42   Report Abuse
Big download..............thinking............................................wontdownload


anakinPosted: 08/09/00 15:34   Report Abuse
wene will big starwars pack 2 coming out


John-WanPosted: 08/13/00 00:39   Report Abuse
Good going but the Leia in Jabba slave outfit needs work the body skin colour isn't thesame as her head is, and where is Yoda?
keep working, waiting for pack #2


Boba__Fett_Posted: 08/19/00 07:19   Report Abuse
Wow thats alot of skins.


Sebulba(HOV)Posted: 08/23/00 13:33   Report Abuse
BSWP 2 will be released in some time..when i feel it has enough skins..meaning it will contain about EVERY SW character ((i own MOST of the comic books out there)) and YES leia has already been corrected...there are so many updates that i regard BSWP 1 as...well as crap..

you will not regret the second version..

there will EVEN be a Lightning Battalion skin from the Boba Fett : Enemy of the Empire comics

so long



JedijackPosted: 09/22/00 22:38   Report Abuse
Please try making a shadows of the empire set for multiplayer


DA_DJ_JOEPosted: 09/23/00 22:39   Report Abuse
when will the new BSWP 2 be comming out?


Darth TristanPosted: 10/23/00 02:27   Report Abuse

......Waiting for #2.........


IGF_trooper1Posted: 01/20/01 19:32   Report Abuse
Hi all ya fellow massassians. Still fighting the TACCers? Anyway,I LOVE skin packs,FBJK Ultimate Mod v3.0 for example,and Al's Star Wars Skin pack is cool,even though I didn't play it yet,sound awsome! Al Mcdonald is a GREAT skin author! Need to make more Al. I am sSTILL waiting for Big Star Wars pack 2! When will it be done?!? Till then.


Darthx_MaulPosted: 02/27/01 18:01   Report Abuse
This skin pack was the best one Ive ever seen. Few errors but alot better than big fluffy pack... They changed the r5 model.


Rogue15Posted: 08/28/01 02:56   Report Abuse
wow, 240 skins and ONLY star wars. this 7 megs is more than worth it.


GORM_DissolverPosted: 01/03/02 22:54   Report Abuse
Bloody good skins! Can I modify and use some in my levels?


MasterJediLukePosted: 04/11/02 23:00   Report Abuse
Before I d/l, is there a Luke Skywalker in Rebel Pilot suit skin?


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