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A complete total conversion Jedi Knight, the Ghostbusters TC Halloween Spook Demo includes changes too numerous to name. In general though, you are getting a game with many new unique weapons, a bunch of new enemy types, a low-lag cooperative multiplayer level, a deathmatch level, a bunch of new player models, and more. The download is large, but it's worth it! The picture says it all.

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Level Info:

Download: Ghostbusters Total Conversion Halloween Spook Demo
File Size: 5.5Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Deathstar4, Destructor, Kell Dragon
Downloads: 3827


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 2
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VenkmanPosted: 07/26/00 09:38   Report Abuse
Overall I thought it was ok, not what I have in mind for my TC though.... Of Course its only a demo, I bet the full version will be a lot better...


Master_JaKePosted: 09/02/00 01:45   Report Abuse
I didn't like this mod. He has talent, but this was a waste of his time doing this kind of mod.


tomtrekPosted: 09/13/00 16:40   Report Abuse
An OK mod, but theres a few things that the full version needs: Team skins (the kyle ones dont look the same as egon and the gang to me), a readme file (is it me.. or was there no readme at all... tut tut) and finally...... the abilaty for it to work with Patch Commander... that was I can play it on the Zone!!!


-=[RPM]Wraith=-Posted: 07/27/01 16:17   Report Abuse
how Do you usE thE ghostbustER gun?


PengunPosted: 10/13/01 02:11   Report Abuse
This mod is OLD SCHOOL!


TIA_DragonPosted: 10/13/02 22:09   Report Abuse
Nice job guys i liked it, it was very cool but you very need to add more levels because 2 really dont cut it, but overall like it alot reminds me of the good ol` days watching the Ghostbusters on tv but joining in with the hunts of the ghost catching. Really did like it guys keep up the good work.



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