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In the years following the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the Second Death Star, many systems throughout the galaxy began to break away from Imperial rule. Consequently, Imperial military garrisons were established on many Core and Rim worlds to maintain Imperial order. However, unrest is brewing beneath the tight grasp of Imperial power. Many Core systems have already proclaimed full support for the New Republic and the Empire is hard pressed to keep even insignificant Rim worlds under its command. Many garrisoned systems everywhere wish to declare neutrality, or even to join the strengthening New Republic, but will not for fear of retribution. The planet Derra IV is on the edge of uprising. If the System Command Center, the key to Imperial defense and planning, were to be neutralized, a small force of New Republic troops could sweep the disorganized Imperials and regain control of the planet. Intelligence has reported the site of this command and communication center to be inside the bulwark of Imperial defenses - the impenetrable Fortress of Derra IV. Your mission is simple. Breach Imperial security, neutralize defenses such as TIE Fighters and ground-based shields, and disable the communications network to prevent reinforcements from being summoned. After the path is clear for the incoming New Republic troop transports, get out before the Imperials know what hit them.


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Download: Imperial Siege On Derra IV
File Size: 3.31Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Ryan Bickhart
Downloads: 12772


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 77
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aGAcu_7Posted: 06/21/00 14:09   Report Abuse
Well after many hours playing Jedi Knight I finally beat this level. I would like to congragulate the author on a great level. I loved to just explore this after I beat it and see what all it really has. I used SPORK in this level and thought it was great. I am happy to say I liked this level and I looked forward for more from this author.

-I guess I am sounding like a level reviewer and I guess maybe I am. But I don't care!!! I love to tell people how I feel about their levels and I will speak my mind as long as this comment section is up. Look for more comments(reviews as you call it) by me.


ParticleManXWPosted: 06/21/00 14:44   Report Abuse
I most say that when I first played this level I was throughly amazed. I had not yet seen a level that went so for in surpassing LEC quality. The level was also enjoyable becuase of the enhancements. I love the cutsence with the Tie fighter, it gets me every time.


Krig_the_VikingPosted: 06/22/00 18:33   Report Abuse
This is the best level I've ever seen, including the LEC levels. Download it now.


AKPiggottPosted: 06/29/00 17:29   Report Abuse
It was like "Into the Dark Palace", but bigger, longer, more clever and more professional, an absolute must-have!


MatteranPosted: 07/01/00 05:05   Report Abuse
This is THE BEST level i've ever played! Even out of all the original JK levels this one is better. If you haven't played it yet download it now!


The TrackerPosted: 07/10/00 01:50   Report Abuse
This is absolutely the best downloadable level ever. It has great design, and great objectives. This is a must have. This clearly surpasses all others you will find. Download it now.


marinePosted: 07/14/00 00:28   Report Abuse
This is an incredible level. I can honestly say it is better than any of the original Jedi Knight single player levels. The design is fantastic, everything is rendered perfectly. There's a little bit of everything in this level, including some innovative elements the original levels didn't have.

Download this level now. You won't regret it!


michmanPosted: 07/17/00 22:32   Report Abuse
I just finished the level and the only thing I have to say is WOW!!!! Very very good ideals on the puzzles. Very Challenging. Better than most of the LEC levels by far. I look forward to playing levels by this author in the future. LEC could use some tips from you dude!!


GhostRiderPosted: 07/23/00 03:05   Report Abuse
Congrats to the person who made this lvl!


RaptorPosted: 07/31/00 22:11   Report Abuse
This level was incredable. It was well laid out, and quite challenging. Great cutscreens too. It was much more realistic than any of the orriginal levels.


TuefelTeetPosted: 08/01/00 01:26   Report Abuse
Looks very similar to Dark Palace, yet profusely entertaining none the less. Good cutscenes. I like the calamari cruiser and the corvette at the end. Good job!


vansithlordPosted: 08/08/00 03:13   Report Abuse
One word, AWESOME. Great level, good story, nice effects. Still haven't found all the secrets and i've played it 3 times.


Darnn15mPosted: 08/15/00 11:07   Report Abuse
Argh! This is very good, but I can't pass it! I'm having trouble with "Evade security and find a way to the upper levels of the fortress"... I killed everyone, got the blue key... And there's nothing else to do in the building... I can't open a few doors, and I suspect that's the answer, but how do I open them?


Dark_Lord_JerecPosted: 08/18/00 01:06   Report Abuse
Really kool!!!!!!!!!!a must DL for everyone that owns this game!!!


Big_Al_MPosted: 08/26/00 08:46   Report Abuse
This is one of the coolest levels that I have ever played, authough it would have been better if there were friendly units around at the beggining.


Darth TerronPosted: 08/28/00 01:23   Report Abuse
Depsite the similarities between this and the Dark Palace, this is a sweet level! I especially liked the turbolaser towers around the palace and the flickering glow panel in one hallway. Good work!


EmonPosted: 08/30/00 23:03   Report Abuse
OH WOW! :D This is the BEST single-player level I have EVER played, better than ALL the LEC levels! It's real awesome. It's like the Dark Palace level only bigger and better. Really awesome effects, like once you reach a certain point up in the tower, look outside and it's nightime now! Also there is this stack of crates you shoot, it causes an explosion, falls over to let you access the next area.


I rate this as a 100%!!


Winter_JetPosted: 10/18/00 05:30   Report Abuse
Bravo! Pure gold!


Thrawn_89Posted: 10/24/00 03:02   Report Abuse
A decent level, with no bugs that I could find, very nice when played using the GaS mod, my gripe with this is the fact that a template for a JK level was used and it could have done with being a little lengthier. Otherwise I thought it was pretty damn good.


Commander AntillesPosted: 11/20/00 15:10   Report Abuse
Rather like Into the Dark Palace, but otherwise perfect. Love the TIE hangar cutscene, and the AT-ST drivers, TIE pilots, properly uniformed officers, etc.


DSettahrPosted: 12/04/00 04:43   Report Abuse
This is an awesome level! I especially liked the custscene that plays at the end of it, and the way cogs were used to show the passage of time (you enter the tower, spend a long time in it, come out, and its night time!). Definately my favorite level for Jedi Knight. I can see how it took two years to make it.


MoS_CobraPosted: 12/21/00 22:25   Report Abuse
This level SUX BAD... it's nowhere near LEC quality.


Darth_BretttPosted: 12/29/00 01:06   Report Abuse
hmm this level looks almost identical to Jerecs palace, this isn't a very unique level but it is pretty fun.


DSettahrPosted: 12/31/00 22:58   Report Abuse
I just have to say this. I was playing this level for the umpteenth time a little while ago, and I found two surfaces that the player could get to without codes that were IMPROPERLY FLAGGED. They should have been floor flagged and werent. I'll let everyone find them for themselves.
Once again, GREAT LEVEL!!


cantinadrunkeePosted: 01/03/01 00:21   Report Abuse
MoS_Cobra, what the hell are you talking about. This is the best level i have ever seen. It is waaaaaay better thea LEC's Into the Dark Palace level. I would really love to see some of your craptacular (im sure they are)levels.


Dan_05Posted: 01/07/01 23:50   Report Abuse
is it just me or is this just like an old Dark Forces level?


timbo4646Posted: 01/10/01 05:41   Report Abuse
I have played many JK/MOTS levels and this
is one of the funest I've played.


kwjPosted: 01/18/01 00:54   Report Abuse
A superb level filled with endless action, masterful lighting, intriguing puzzles, and breathtaking views from atop a dreaded tower of terror awards this level a perfect 10. As I sat before computer breathless after 3 hours of nonstop action, I thought back to the perfect angles and curvatures of the walls and ceilings coupled with the neatly placed squads of stormtroopers and turrets, thinking to myself that the author has truly mastered the art of design, structure, and realism. The inticing, edge-of-your-seat level filled me with both excitement and awe. It was pure realism, down to the very core of the tower structure. It was purely logical, as strategically placed squads of Imperials ambush you when you least expect it. If the Imperials ever had an impenetrable stronghold, they would model it after Derra IV. All I can say is....WOW.


Gandalv the GrayPosted: 01/21/01 08:20   Report Abuse
This beats all, Ryan!!

Good job!!


ConnemaraPosted: 01/26/01 22:00   Report Abuse
Wow! I just finished this level, and I am stunned! It takes everything about jK that I like, and upgrades it!!! I BTW, to the person way back that said he was stuck right after he got the blue- I got stuck at that same place! I highly doubt you are reading this, but if you are- jump down to the outside platform, and you will find a grate to go through! :)
Anyway I rated this a perfect 10- level design was fabulous, challenge was good, and he even used the correct uniforms on the troopers! Like no other level I've ever seen! Lucasarts should hire this guy- ho could give THEM advice.
This level, which I just finished, left me breathless. The cutscene at the end was also a perfect touch to end the story! WOW!!!!!


StrikeEaglePosted: 02/19/01 18:00   Report Abuse
One of the Best levels out there!
Grab it now.

Only one really tricky bit but it's well worth the download!

Brill End.


AMP19Posted: 03/11/01 15:38   Report Abuse
This is one of the best unnoficial single player levels I have played. Top marks to the author for creating a well planned out and enjoyable level.


DarkPhoenixPosted: 03/13/01 19:18   Report Abuse
This level has been reviewed at


robPosted: 03/26/01 05:14   Report Abuse
has anyone noticed that this level looks alot like "into the dark palace"? but it looks like you stole there level and added a few little things to cover it up but i gave it a 4 for the few little things that you added and because the gameplay is pretty good


DemonicMurrayPosted: 03/28/01 01:48   Report Abuse
Rob, you are right. I loved into the dark place, and I thought this would be cool too. I didn't rate it, but I found some parts kind of pointless. Could the author release it again without those invisible barriers? Or, without the worst part that if you jump to high, you automatically die. I did enjoy the level though, as long as I kept my feet on the ground.


vickey jacksonPosted: 04/01/01 00:08   Report Abuse
This is a great level. however i cant seem to get to the end but after all it is a great level.


CE_ST_Kir_KanosPosted: 04/06/01 02:13   Report Abuse
Two words: WoW this...make that four words WOW THIS LEVEL IS AMAZING ok 5 word this level is the best level EVER ummmm can u give me some tips. (those werent my five words by the way.)


BubbaPosted: 04/11/01 00:49   Report Abuse
Great level! It looks like you took "Into Dark Palace" and added rooms, new troopers, features that many levels don't have, like flashing lights, and eletric bolts!!! I liked the cool plot, great designs, and new challenges! Keep it up!


Dice_IbegonPosted: 04/11/01 03:22   Report Abuse
Wow wow wow, good job man. This level was kinda perfect. It took me a lot of time, it wasnt easy and I only found 11 secret passages on 14, Ill probably do it an other time. Textures are beautiful, and the objectives are cool. I give it 10/10.


Dice_IbegonPosted: 04/11/01 16:57   Report Abuse
:O its too difficult I give up. I did it an other time and I only found one more secret passade. The new skins, I dont know if you did them but they are beautiful. I like the little video at the end with the starships yay


StormtrooperPosted: 04/15/01 17:40   Report Abuse


dimi30Posted: 04/28/01 09:27   Report Abuse
Thats a great level.Thats all I have to say.I had this level for a long time but I registered on the commenting system today so I post this comment today.


ShwitzPosted: 05/27/01 19:50   Report Abuse
I hope this level is as great as everyone is saying. I'm downloading it right now...


NeoePosted: 06/08/01 20:13   Report Abuse
This level blew my mind away!!! I've searched the web with a fine-toothed comb for a level with the perfect elements of plot, difficulty, and fun. Everything was well planned out, it almost felt like the AI itself was tweaked to see me faster than normal. Most levels are a walk in the park with simple puzzles and simple exits. This level made me start over because I got stuck at certain spots! Kudos to the author. I truely can't wait for more levels from this author.


Cool_Commander3Posted: 06/22/01 16:23   Report Abuse
This is THE BEST SP Level I've played. One of the best parts is the first level, it's "Into the Dark Palace", only moderated! Do Not hesitate to download this level, IT'S DA BOMB!!! Great level, Ryan! Keep it up!


Darth TuffyPosted: 07/08/01 22:43   Report Abuse
Great level! Has lots of space to run around in, and plenty of enemies.


Stevie DPosted: 07/16/01 02:52   Report Abuse
Without a doubt this is the best level ever made. I play this level over and over again. I wish all SP levels were as long as this one. What I love most about it is it doesn't have those cheesey cutscenes and those distorted annoying dubbed voices. If Ryan made a sequel to this, I'd be the first to download it! I gave it a perfect 10!


CathartesPosted: 07/31/01 22:39   Report Abuse
One of my personal favorites, especially when testing mods or such. It's a great lvl to use only your sabre on. Really gives the feel of a jedi sneaking through an imperial stronghold. Use 3rd person to peek around corners and surprise troopers. :D

It definately deserves an 8, almost more, but I reserve 9+ for good lvl packs, since those are worth more gameplay.

This is definately one of the top 2 lone SP lvls I have.


PolizeiPosted: 08/17/01 01:28   Report Abuse
This level isn't very good............... JUST KIDDING! The author put a lot of effort into this level. The architecture is very well done. A few "little" puzzles thrown in, very good (Take note of the "little" part, I hate puzzles that take me a day to figure out). Nice long level, excellent! I give this level a flat out 10!!!


foolio_13Posted: 08/24/01 03:30   Report Abuse
This is the best SP level i have ever played, maybe a bit too hard though, keep up the good work!


PicPosted: 09/13/01 15:51   Report Abuse
Good level. I gave it a nine, becuase it was too long, and you need to put a walkthorough of this. I got trapped in this one room, and had no idea where to go.


The Digimon EmperorPosted: 09/13/01 21:48   Report Abuse
Very good level. I just want to say that I prey for the survivors of the World Trade Center collapse on 9/11, and God bless the ones who didn't make it.The terrorists will be hunted down.

How many think it was Usama bin Laden?


HidetoraPosted: 10/28/01 17:18   Report Abuse
This level is one of the great classics of Jedi Knight SP gaming. Although Siege on Derra IV adds virtually nothing new (only some textures and new skins for pilots, AT-ST drivers, and officers), Ryan brings the architectural capabilities of Jedi Knight to a level that I have never seen reached before in SP, and that still has not been matched over a year after its release. The level is somewhat unoriginal, but this may be for a point: to prove that LEC's levels have by now been made to look vastly inferior by levels constructed by freelance editors. The puzzles, like the elevator and forcefield, were also very creative, however the electric water was straight out of Half-Life. I enjoyed the relieving Star Wars-type cutscene at the end; it reminds us that Jedi Knight has the capability to feel more like SW than it does in the LEC levels. All in all, this resourceful level is full of puzzles that use as much wit and brain as DF, astounding architecture, and... Wohw, my fingers are numb, so I'll just stop writing this review that COULD go on for eternity, only resulting in maybe two complaints, and I'll just give this masterpeice a good ole 10. G'bye.

P.S.; it's Osama, Digital Monster freak, and yes, it was him...


ApocalypsePosted: 02/01/02 13:40   Report Abuse
This is one of the best sp lvls I've ever played. It looks a lot like "Into the dark palace" but it is better(a lot better) than the original "into the..." lvl. The puzzles are not too easy (but not too difficult also) and that is a good thing (I don't like puzzles that take only 5 secs or few days to figure out). One thing was totally different than in the original lvls and that were the secrets. In this lvl they are like Go little further before turning into the right path and you have found a secret.
Finally i say: It's a 9 but only because there is no perfect (applauses to the great lvl.


Dark_Jedi_YunPosted: 04/18/02 06:32   Report Abuse


NyteravenPosted: 04/24/02 19:09   Report Abuse
This is going to sound a bit weird guys - I got this level quite a while ago. I think it's one of the best levels that I've ever played for JK. The graphics, the detail, the game play and all are great. I LOVED it!!! I played it 'til I finished.
Here comes the weird part - I just started playing it again and I can't remember how to get to the upper parts of the tower from the lower part. Sad, I know, a little bit of pre-alhzheimer's I know. If anyone could offer some help that would be most appreciative.


NyteravenPosted: 04/26/02 00:30   Report Abuse
Ah ha... I found it. Just needed to walk around a bit. :/


GoliathManPosted: 05/21/02 00:25   Report Abuse
This is an amazing level. It's nothing like Into the Dark Tower. Into the Dark Tower was much more complicated than it needed to be. This one is great though. However, when I get into the upper level room with the three glass ceiling panels above me and a grate that's juts out of jumping range and the two doors that won't open, how do I get out of there? I got desperate and used the all items cheat and that won't open the doors either. I need help. I've never gotten out of that room without using the flying cheat. Help me please at


MedheadflyPosted: 05/25/02 00:57   Report Abuse
I don't know what to say it was the best level I have ever played, I recommended to anyone


_BlizzardPrincess_Posted: 12/24/02 19:15   Report Abuse
Straight forward 10. Ownage job. This level took me about 3-4 hours to beat. Once again, though, OWNAGE JOB!!!! ^.^


Alexi StukovPosted: 04/23/03 03:49   Report Abuse
When I first played it, I really, really liked it. After about 6 months, I couldn't remember which was Into the Dark Palace and which was Imp Siege of Derra IV. So I played it again, and I really, really, really liked it. Every weekend I go, "How about I play Imp Siege of Derra IV," which I do, and I really, really, really, really like it.


StormInvaderPosted: 07/14/03 16:31   Report Abuse
WOW! I'm speechless. This level is so cool!
You must D/L this level and you won't be sorry.I am giving this a 10!


ConnemaraPosted: 10/29/03 23:47   Report Abuse
Yawn...I can't believe I rated this a ten! I mean, granted, the level is difficult, and the editing is top class...but it's...boring! I coudln't even bringmyself to finsih it this time, I played it through once, then tried to play it twice, this is my third time and each time I feel it is duller and duller.

When this first came out it was no doubt truly special. But now it's just...not...


JediMercPosted: 11/18/03 03:18   Report Abuse
I have to say I really enjoyed this level, even though I havn't played JK for a while. The big imperial base looked really good and complex, and the dispersion and amount of troops was perfect. There were no bugs that I cold find in the map. The objectives and mission goals went along with the story really well. Most of all I really liked the Rebel Transport ships that come down through the atomesphre at the end if the mission goals are completed. No special skins that I can remeber, but it doesn't matter because the level is so clean of bugs it makes up for it. This level obviously took a lot of time to make and it payed off.


JapalaPosted: 01/02/05 01:05   Report Abuse
Four words:This level kicks... (Well I can't say that word so I won't)

(And yes I know that whats up there^ plus whats down here is more than four words)



reaperman45Posted: 10/24/05 20:55   Report Abuse
help me

I cant get past the "there must be a way out of


beavinatorPosted: 11/25/05 09:11   Report Abuse
Wow, this level is just a thing of beauty. I usually don't bother posting a comment even if I liked a level, but this one blew me away so much I had to post a kudos. If any level deserves a 10 it's this one. The layout was ingenious. The puzzles were quite difficult, but not so hard that I wander around forever before finally giving up, as so often happens to me. I particularly loved the puzzle involving the two main elevators: brilliant!
Good show!!

reaperman45: it's been a month, but if you still need an answer to your question, check out those boxes on the floor of the room.


reaperman45Posted: 12/18/05 15:11   Report Abuse
thnx beavinator, you really helped me out


StaffSaberistPosted: 03/07/06 23:37   Report Abuse
First, ratings. Base: 5

+Archi was very well done witl almost no lag.
+No flaws in textures that I can find
++Very difficult puzzles (I am stuck)
+Properly textured lieutenant... thingies...

No cons. Rating: 10!

Now... can I have help, because I'm stuck at the spot where there are two forcefields. I've deactivated one (not hard) but I don't know what to do now. =/


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