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This patch will turn your default green saber into a Black and Yellow Flame Saber.


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Download: Black and Yellow Flame Saber
File Size: 2.93k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Vindicare
Downloads: 5426


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 3
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darthyboyPosted: 08/17/00 23:21   Report Abuse
cool mod i liked how it looked it just downright abousoultly coool!!! Download it now!!!!!


VindicarePosted: 08/21/00 07:07   Report Abuse
Thanx for the comment. If you like this try some of my other sabers



meloman234Posted: 09/14/00 22:46   Report Abuse
vind, ive always digged all your stuff man, but im a simple kinda guy, realistic sabers are better. i mean this ones great and im not sayin i could do anything like this, i suck at editing. but make a realistic one for your simpler fans :-) thanx man (i realllllly wanna rainbow saber)


D-MiesterPosted: 09/27/00 22:35   Report Abuse
Vind, do you think you could make a black and red flame sabre?


VindicarePosted: 04/19/01 08:07   Report Abuse
A Rainbow saber could certainly be made and also a black and red flame saber as well, This would be no problem, Ill do them and relase them in an up and coming saber pack


Bounty Hunter 4 hirePosted: 09/01/01 01:19   Report Abuse
This design is great, but do you know how to use it on the Internet Gaming Zone?


gythlolPosted: 07/20/04 15:16   Report Abuse
much better than u r skunk sabers but still not that great


DuskXIVPosted: 07/09/06 12:03   Report Abuse
it is of very poor quality


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