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This is the first thing I have ever made,It is a suit that not only makes you Boba Fett,it gives you his suits powers. I made it from some of the stuff I'v DL and decided that none of them were acurate! I talked to my friend who knows all about fett so I could make this. This has all weapons his armor always has other than his viro blade and a bunch of other daggars and the poison dart launcher.

Level Info:

Download: Boba Fett Armor
File Size: 1.2Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Mark Todd
Downloads: 5887


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 16
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Hansolo675Posted: 06/27/00 19:31   Report Abuse
This is the coolest mod i have!! and yes i have plenty of them. I think it' time someone put a jetpack, grappling hook and all this other stuff together!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!


GURU_Saber59Posted: 07/10/00 17:38   Report Abuse
this mod is the best! It has an awesome jet pack, grapple hook, and both light and dark side missles! If you don't have it yet, GET IT!


Darth R2D2Posted: 07/19/00 06:10   Report Abuse
best mod ever pls make another!


darthyboyPosted: 08/17/00 19:18   Report Abuse
This mod stinks. The bowcaster puts down the familiar sequencer charges!Coming out of that little gun a laser blast with a different sound! Coming out of the stormtrooper rifle the bowcaster shot with a different sound! A blaster that can do what a concussion rifle can do! And a gun that shoots a missle with no sound! And the wrist laser that's like the blaster! And a helment sensor that locks on to stuff you can already see! And the jetpack is useless can't we use eriamjh for this?! Don't under any circumstance download this mod!!!!!


Mr_LOLPosted: 08/30/00 02:53   Report Abuse
Hey nice mod uhhh by the way can you create an level only for air attack wars so i can use this bobo fett there ;) thanks dude youre cool!!!


DarthFettPosted: 09/02/00 23:51   Report Abuse
DathyBoy u suck this mod rules. except the jet pack goes a little fast and i bump into walls and die but other then that it rules


DarthFettPosted: 09/02/00 23:53   Report Abuse
and its probebly just my pc but whenever i use it my game crashes every five min


Jedi_MasterPosted: 09/04/00 05:31   Report Abuse
Your Boba Fett thing looks cool and everything but when played as him on single player all I could do was jump and punch. Also in multiplayer each time I tried to pick him but my game would just crash. Can anybody tell me the answer?


AglarPosted: 09/30/00 15:20   Report Abuse
DarthyBoy it seems is the only sane person here. This mod is just a bunch of stuff that some newbie gobbed together. AVOID THIS MOD LIKE THE PLAGUE!


TR_GagePosted: 09/30/00 15:29   Report Abuse
Where to begin. My god, does this MOD suck. First of all, the weapons ALL sucked. Poorly done there. The skin was so so. I played with it once and it screwed my game up. All it did was hop around on one leg. This is one of thw worst MOD's I have ever played. And believe me, I have played alot! This sucks, don't waste time DLing it, or the HD space.


TR_GagePosted: 09/30/00 15:37   Report Abuse
I speak on behalf of all experienced JKers: Hansolo675, GURU_Saber59, Darth R2D2, Mr_LOL, and DarthFett are all crazy, foolish newbies who obviously don't have the experience to realize that this MOD is one of the worst ever. Newbies praising a crappy newbie-made MOD. The fact that this was even released makes me sick. Note to the Author: For the good of the planet, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO MAKE ANY MORE MODS! LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES AND MOVE ON! (This MOD is a big mistake)


D-MiesterPosted: 10/15/00 13:01   Report Abuse
This mod is awsome! But just one thing...The "viroblade" is just the same old saber.


seaCMSgtPosted: 03/05/01 03:15   Report Abuse
Exceuse me all those who gave negative feedback, this is his FIRST mod, can you honestly tell me that your first attempt at making a mod or level was kick butt good? I don't think so, the mod has a few flaws and it conflicts with many other mods but hey, the armor, the jetpack, grapling hook are kick butt. It's too easy to critize. Good Job Mark ,just make sure you put a readme file on next time :)


RudeggerPosted: 04/07/01 03:47   Report Abuse
I would have given this patch a 10 except for the fact that when I go to edit character, the game crashes. What do I do?


da_bang80Posted: 05/01/01 04:20   Report Abuse
I thought this mod was awesome, although sometime when i tried to use the jetpack my game would boot back to windows, i think i got it down to if i started the game with the 2nd disc in or not. i liked the flame projector as i can use it to quickly blow open gratings instead of using the saber or charges. Also the large rifle like weapon was a little too long. And also this is for feedback, if you have something negative to say, then try to make it constructive. As i do not like to have my eyes soiled by the filth your typing. And i'd like to see all you poor fools who thought this mod sucked try to make one this good.


da_bang80Posted: 05/01/01 04:24   Report Abuse
I also want to say, to darthyboy, if you need to use the cheats for your jollies then i take extreme pity on you.


Dan 317Posted: 05/17/01 17:51   Report Abuse
Everything's ok except for the fact that you have unlimited ammo. For instance, the wrist rocket launcher, which shoots rail detonators, never runs out of ammo. It would be much better if they gave you one or two shots. This really takes out the "Jedi Knight" and makes it a shooting contest.


GI_Storm_ShadowPosted: 07/05/01 03:39   Report Abuse
All the neat stuff like a grappling hook and jet pack are neat. That's where all the good stuff ends. A good first try I admit. If you decide to make a new one though, at least make sure all the bugs are ironed out!


dorkyboyPosted: 11/24/01 09:53   Report Abuse
Raise your hand if you think darthyboy
is a ***** and a *** **** *** ** * *****


Haro BikerPosted: 12/08/01 23:44   Report Abuse
This mod sounds great, but when i tried to d/l, it just d/led a gif picture. Can someone tell me why!!!


Black_RoninPosted: 02/06/02 00:27   Report Abuse
I didn't rate this because i have a question. What's a computer?


land_sea_airPosted: 05/14/02 20:08   Report Abuse
where are the daggers and the poisonis darts and the wrist lazer dont work can u fix that or tell me how


XnPosted: 06/10/02 21:57   Report Abuse
People it was his first mod god, give him a break, plus it was a great mod. To the people that want the boba skin to work: ok choose a character while using sbx3.1 or some other mod with unusual characters, choose one, then quit. Play with the boba fett armor and the skin for boba will work, its what I do. Good job Mark, keep it up. If anyone wants to help me make a Halo mod, email me at , , or Thanks for the mod~~~~~~~Titan


SuntanoPosted: 08/01/02 23:06   Report Abuse
I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. I would've given ya an 10 except for I realized that when using fist's you can instead of killing opponet kill yourself, and also the no.6 gun crashes my game.


Rogue 1Posted: 09/22/02 19:40   Report Abuse
how many times does Darthyboy insult peoples work? I've seen him say something bad about almost every mod in all of Massassi! Anyways the bowcaster dosen't shoot sequenser charges, that's in the bobba fett missions d/l.


dark/lightPosted: 01/03/03 18:26   Report Abuse
i was a cool mod i like the jump pack and the blarst with lightsaber the falm thought was all right the hoodshoot was real least


dbl90Posted: 01/20/03 17:04   Report Abuse
This mod reminds me of Mannowar 3 when I used to play mots. The only differance is this is worse by far. The mod is good for a first and I hope to see more works from ya

Practice makes perfect



Ninja_gremlinPosted: 02/28/03 13:56   Report Abuse
this is the best mod in the entire world discount sbx and ss3 beta9. The only things u should improve r
a)make it so u dont have to hold the grapple hook key.
b)have an off button for the jedt pack, not just touching the ground.
otha than that. YEEEEHAAAAAAAA


Ninja_gremlinPosted: 02/28/03 13:58   Report Abuse
i raise my hand(darthy boy is totally wrong and the helmet sensor ROX


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