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We've completed our BlasTech pistol for Jedi Knight.Included in its gob are the files that will it will replace the Bryar Pistol with a BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Pistol. The BlasTech is the same model used by Han Solo, and has two modes of fire. Primary fire will fire continuously, and holding down secondary fire will charge the BlasTech up for a more powerful shot. It can be used as either a single-player patch or for level authors to use if Kyle Katarn isn't the star of their level.


Level Info:

Download: BlasTech Pistol
File Size: 128k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: GoZ Studios
Downloads: 2883


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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Dark_Lord_JerecPosted: 08/17/00 19:45   Report Abuse
REALLY COOL (Better then bryer pistol)


JDL_Glover_LeaderPosted: 09/03/00 17:45   Report Abuse
cool gun, it looks cool but it doesn't look like the blast is coming out of the gun, but still good job its definatley better than the Bryar pistol! i look forward 2 seeing some new work from u soon!


postHumanPosted: 04/16/01 23:36   Report Abuse
i really don like this gun. the cog looks sweet, but i dont like the prospect of hitting an enemy a minimum of 4 times with a slow firing pistol before they die. boring boring boring.


AtomEntityPosted: 04/21/01 17:13   Report Abuse
i thought i was quite cool and i liked the idea. the modeling was done quite well. so far a 10, but the sounds were mediocre, so that gives it a 9. last, the bolt doesn't look like its coming out of the pistol so it lowers to an 8. otherwise great job!


RogoffPosted: 02/27/03 09:57   Report Abuse
How do I install this mod?


I_NMM_Kyton_IPosted: 10/23/03 00:35   Report Abuse
I downloaded this but I didn't install it yet, but from the screenshots it looks AWESOME! Good job! Keep it going man!


GAC_RebelPosted: 12/19/03 16:50   Report Abuse
This is the best pistol I saw for Jedi Knight. If i was a mod editor, i would add it to my mod. EXCELLENT MOD!


LaserjoltPosted: 03/03/04 22:25   Report Abuse
Actually, it isn't that difficult to fix the shots so they actually look like they are coming out of the gun... I'll edit this post later to add the things you need to change, I need to perfect the numbers...


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