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Here is the Anime Characters Skin Pack. It has 15 skins with characters from Evangelion, Tenchi Muyo, Ranma 1/2 and Record of Loddoss Wars.

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Download: Anime Characters Skin Pack
File Size: 857k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Anime_Shinji
Downloads: 5326


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 6
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Angel_HunterPosted: 07/16/00 00:31   Report Abuse
Not in gob form just wanted to warn you


AnArchist_DPosted: 08/28/00 12:16   Report Abuse
Well, DATH_SIDIUS its great that you know the lyrics to Enter Sandman, but there is an issue here. In order to get this to must have ConMan or a Models.dat file. Edit it to have your added skins and change the number at the top to equal the new amount of skins. Then use JK Patch Commander to make a GOB, add a 3do folder and put the Mod's 3dos in there...then make a sub-directory named Mat...put the Mod's .mat files in that directory. Make a new folder named Misc and put the models.dat file in there and run it with JK Patch Commander. THERE YOU GO!


TokiPosted: 06/17/02 23:18   Report Abuse
Woohoo! Sieg Anime! But where are my Gundam skins? I want a Sayla skin! *cries* ^_^

Anyway, nice job.


ChronowraithPosted: 09/06/03 01:36   Report Abuse
How can i get this to work? If someone could explain this to me in english, that a normal person who just wants his anime skins can understand, i would be extremly grateful.


DingnatePosted: 01/21/04 18:45   Report Abuse
I was into that anime craze for a wile, I really liked NGE, but over the years, it started to be really gay, VERY gay. The kids what were into it had there own little clicks, and i didnt want to be apart of it. And now this mod reminds of that. u people need to get some lives and start being human again. also get some skills to make mods SHISHE


JediKitsunePosted: 08/04/04 01:15   Report Abuse
Yes...because making models/skins takes absolutely no skill or effort at all...

Personally, I think these are pretty cool. My one gripe with skins has always been that the people you're playing with only see them if they have them as well.


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