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This is levels 1,2,3, and 4 of Leeza's Destiny. It contains new weapons, enemies, force powers, and loads more.


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Download: Leeza's Destiny 3.0
File Size: 7.83 MB
Date: 06/02/00
Author: SavageX
Downloads: 4749


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 31
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BlackPantherPosted: 06/28/00 23:15   Report Abuse
This is probably the best user made SP pack for MOTS out there to date!

Great job SavageX!


AKPiggottPosted: 06/29/00 17:33   Report Abuse
More enhancements than hairs on a Wampa's back. A level pack that never gets boring for me, ignore the large download size, just GET IT.


Teydo Pa'ajaPosted: 07/19/00 12:59   Report Abuse
(Excuse my English, I'm French)
Certainly the best Mots levels, better than the game itself.
A very good character, interesting levels, good story, and the best : the new features, like the incredible saber !!!
Conclusion : Perfect
Congratulations, SavageX.
Soon the following episodes ?


EH_PhoenixPosted: 07/24/00 01:12   Report Abuse
This is the best level EVER!!!!!!!!! Download it now!
Rating (out of 10):11
Must Download?: YES!!!!!!!!!


EaglePosted: 08/10/00 19:57   Report Abuse
I really liked this level and also the little effect of shooting down tie bombers and fighters.


WLP_MasterPosted: 08/15/00 01:54   Report Abuse
its a HUGE download but its worth it!!!!


Hummer_18_2000Posted: 08/24/00 17:21   Report Abuse
I admit it is a large download but this is a must get level pack.

This level pack shows SavageX took the time to make it nearly perfect, if not perfect.


DrizzletrooperPosted: 09/03/00 16:38   Report Abuse
This is the BEST level pack I have ever downloaded! It may be 7 megs, but it is DEFINATELY worth it. You are crazy if you hesitate to download this pack! Do it RIGHT NOW!!!


tomtrekPosted: 09/05/00 19:18   Report Abuse
Its really really really good... I'd put it up there with the grates such as BOAM 3!! If theres one bad thing about it... its that its extreamly hard!!!!! Its a really good mod.. with new weapons and a lurvely saber!


James BondPosted: 09/09/00 20:46   Report Abuse
You know I think there is a general feeling that this level might be pretty good.........its fab, great, cool and wonderful to look at and play. Get it now do you here me.........get it now, stop reading the reviews they all say the same thing download this level its worth it.


Thrawn_89Posted: 10/24/00 03:33   Report Abuse
But very difficult.

Don't even try to cheat on the first level just get running! And I mean quick!!


anakin_walker_of_skyPosted: 11/18/00 21:01   Report Abuse
I need help.After the opening cutscence, I get Leeza standing looking around a landing bay.She mutters stuff and walks forward, then a black mandalore is shown behind her....then she stops, it stops, the sounds play and the people on screen move as if breathing but nothing happens at all afterwards. What do I do to continue with the levels? Help please. Thanks


DarthBosskPosted: 12/02/00 15:07   Report Abuse
Pick anything from Asault Cannons to Force Jump Flipping - This level's got it. Five new weapons, and several new enemies. This level is very fun, but I do have SOME complaints, like how the Asault Cannon is a little bit cut-off at the back. But I think SavageX did a good job on skins, story, level design, and digging up DF sound files for the weapons and such. You did an awesome job, SavageX, and I CANNOT WAIT to play more Leeza's Destiny Levels.


DarthBosskPosted: 12/05/00 02:49   Report Abuse
For some reason, I always forget to put some things in my comments, so here is the rest of my comment. The grapple is the best one I've ever seen, and I especially liked the Fusion Cutter, and the level 3 boss was really cool! The Assault Cannon seemed a little weak compared to the DF one, and the Dark Troopers could benefit from some retexturing (not scout troopers w/ backpacks and Dark Trooper Helmets) and increase in health. Still, it's one of the greatest SP levels of all time ... but it needs to be finished. Oh ya, I think that SavageX plays too much Rebel Assault II.


D_A_R_K_L_O_R_DPosted: 12/08/00 23:09   Report Abuse
I love the levels! But in level 3 i'm confused. What is the access code for Terminal 3? And how do you get the big robot stormtrooper to come out. I did it once but i don't know how. If anyone reads this post a reply to D_A_R_K_L_O_R_D. But they are cool!


TK-421Posted: 12/10/00 21:43   Report Abuse
Great, level dude! It could use some rescripting though, Mara Jade was on the dark side of the force when the Dark Troopers existed. I liked all the stormtroopers testing the DT weapons and the Dark Trooper at the end of level 3 is cool. Although they were alot smoother more like stormtroopers. Level 4 rocked! I gave it a 9 because of the Mara Jade thing. Maybe you could fix that in 4.0 if you make one.


Jedi LordPosted: 12/29/00 01:03   Report Abuse
Excelente nivel, nunva he visto nivel tan bueno, se demora en bajar pero vale la pena, esta muy bueno el final.
!Bajenlo ahora!


The Wise JediPosted: 12/30/00 14:22   Report Abuse
This was a great bunch of levals. I liked the last one where you shoot the tie fighters down. This leval is one of the best I ever played.



DakkonPosted: 01/20/01 20:47   Report Abuse
Just looking at the screens makes me feel like I should give it a 20 out of 10... I'll rate it when I play it...


SaberstormPosted: 03/11/01 12:57   Report Abuse

This is just unbelievably good! I like the new weapons, in particular the Assault Cannon. The architecture and the lighting are perfect, and the story is good, to. Will there be a sequel soon? Pleeeeeaaaaaaasse!


SuperNerd_IJPosted: 04/14/01 00:37   Report Abuse
Great!! I like lvl 4 especially!

BTW, i was wondering if u would let me use the cogs form lvl 4 to create my own lvl? I would be ever so grateful! (also explain some of it! ive looked at the cogs and tried, but the ties jut stayed in one spot)


D_A_R_K_L_O_R_DPosted: 04/19/01 16:40   Report Abuse

Did you really find out the code!? Post it so i can use it! Or if you did not sumbuddy post an answer! i'm confused!!!


X-KaliburPosted: 04/21/01 03:43   Report Abuse
although it won't do you any good w/out the disk, which i still can't find! the code is


X-KaliburPosted: 04/21/01 03:47   Report Abuse
on a side note, Savage, i LOVE the fact that you put in the Cygnus Gunboat and Missleboat, i love those, and i forget who said it earlier, but you HAVE been playing too much Rebel Assault 2......and appearently the original DF by the fact u put the fusion cutter in =)


darklordscorpioPosted: 04/21/01 21:01   Report Abuse
This is WICKED. Next person who posts something please tell me how to get into Termianl 2. I'm stuck in level 3. I even restarted the level to see if I misted anything.
Please either post it here or email me at darth_scorpio@yahoo.com


X-KaliburPosted: 04/21/01 22:51   Report Abuse
on the walkway to terminal 2 there is a thing that moves boxes, grapple over a box and drop down in it, as soon as the ceiling gets high grapple out kill 2 strom troopers,and then run back along the uuuhh....moving thingie....u know....and there should be grating you can cut, inside is terminal 2 and the key for the door


darklordscorpioPosted: 04/22/01 10:52   Report Abuse
Sorry but I have not got that far. I can't get past the force field in the room after a sign says Terminal 2. Thanks for the help but please continue to help.


GhostOfYodaPosted: 05/05/01 16:58   Report Abuse
Best ever Singleplayer MOTS!

I hope there will be more.

I give it 10, faultless.


Dragon_KnightPosted: 06/06/01 01:34   Report Abuse
You know, the level is ok...Why? Because I've seen better! Over all for my rating(0-10) I give this a 9.98!


DSLS_EverRichPosted: 06/16/01 02:36   Report Abuse
Man this is a great level pack, Savage! If you have not downloaded this yet you should (do not be afraid of the 7 MB, it's not that much).

I have to say this level pack puts SavageX on my list of must-have authors. I give it a 10.


Star_GhostPosted: 07/30/01 13:08   Report Abuse
Ghost's review:

Architechture: Nothig else to say but amazing!

Gameplay: SavageX does it again! With the new weapons and the Grappling hook, I really enjoyed it! But one question... after I get the code and after falling into the crshing walls and go up the ventilation shaft and go into the big cargo room... where do I go? The door with the switch won't open and says locked and I have no clue where to go!

Final Comments: I enjoyed and have enjoyed Savage's work while he was here in the JK community. (I will miss him...)


moronmissionPosted: 03/02/02 18:35   Report Abuse
This is probably my favorite single player level pack. I loved the new weapons. I give it a 10.


MasterJediLukePosted: 08/19/02 21:04   Report Abuse
Uhh, how the heck do you beat the first level? I've forcespeeded all the way to the landing bay without killing anything, pressed the button, slashed the grate and dropped down, but then it just says 'Mission Failed'
HOW THE HECK DO YOU BEAT IT? The hovercar dosn't activate, you can't jump to the next building, and the door dosn't open enough to crawl under.


kaborkaPosted: 12/14/03 00:52   Report Abuse

To: "d.l.scorpio". At Terminal 1, when you cut the forcefield at the doors to the room, use the jump key (spacebar in my cfg) to select the other terminals (2 & 3) to deactivate them.

To "M.J.Luke": In Level 1, you have to get the hangar rooftop doors closed before you go through that grate you mentioned, so the baddie can't take off. Find the wrench in the room with the cargo droid off one of the hangars, then go to the switch you couldn't turn earlier.

Re: Terminal 3 code. I never found it. I used the spoiler someone posted earlier. Where was this code located?


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