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Birth of a Mercenary tells the story of how Kyle Katarn came to be the Mercenary that we know from Dark Forces.... Chapter 2 continues the story from Chapter 1 (obviously)!

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Download: Birth of a Mercenary Chapter 2
File Size: 3.6Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Anthony Piggott
Downloads: 3848


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 8
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Darth BanePosted: 09/09/00 01:26   Report Abuse
Hmm... I loved parts 1 and 3, but this file doesn't really work. I tried downloading it, it said that it was a bad disk or something. I hate to ask, but could you maybe re-post it? I would love to see what happened in the second part. This level trilogy would have been perfect if it weren't for this little problem.


Exar_KunPosted: 09/09/00 19:26   Report Abuse
Im downloading it right now


AKPiggottPosted: 09/11/00 20:17   Report Abuse
If you're having trobule getting this, try the link at


sidchaganPosted: 12/28/00 16:01   Report Abuse
This, like part one, is an amazing level! The lighting has retained its beauty, and the cutscenes have DEFINATELY become better! Design is flawless (Although more armor could be used).
The only problem is the framerate in one area, during the descent in the transport cart.


CoolBombJinnPosted: 01/22/01 23:24   Report Abuse
WHEWIE! Still good at everything. Lighting, cutscenes, architecture, gameplay and the story. This one also deserves a 10. The last part looks big but I will play it anyway. All in all, Great Job!


Jedi SlayerPosted: 03/18/01 20:18   Report Abuse
Excellent level. I enjoyed the storyline greatly. The skins were pretty cool and the part when you had the students playing zero-gee soccer or whatever that was. Great cutscenes. Currently downloading chapter 3. I give it a 10.


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