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Imperial Scientists have discovered a way to neutralise a Jedi Knights force powers, with a substanced called X-Force. All that is needed now is Jedi`s to test it on. As Boba Fett you must navigate your way around Dujka the Hutts palace and find the Jedi he has captured, and claim the bounty for yourself. A fairly large level, that is brain taxing, as well as just needing to shoot your way to the finish. Lots of different locations, new 3do`s, cogs and lots more.


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Level Info:

Download: Savage Winds
File Size: 1.43Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Kai
Downloads: 1543


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 9
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BD_5000Posted: 07/18/00 23:10   Report Abuse
This level stinks it allways locks up when the level starts!


BOD_149Posted: 07/30/00 04:44   Report Abuse
THIS LEVEL RULES the only way 4 it to lock up is if u kill the kerobani caracters i love this level


WolfshamanPosted: 08/02/00 05:13   Report Abuse
Although I respect the author's effort, and admire his choice of central character, I have to admit this is the most buggy level I have ever played. The crashes do not occur JUST because you kill the pirate characters. They occur all over the place. Sometimes your gun repeatedly shoots, sometimes the whole screen just freezes, but MOST of the time the game just completely shuts off in the middle of this level! I sure wish the author would patch the level up before trying to pass as a download.


Plasma ManPosted: 10/21/00 22:29   Report Abuse
There weren't that many bugs in the level. I admit there were some but not as much as Wolfshaman said there were.

How do you finish the level? There is a door with enemies behind them as I know with the All map cheat. But I can't open it even with All Items. Is there a hidden switch somewhere?

I sure wish there was a way to actually finish the level without using the Level skip cheat.


ZellPosted: 01/28/01 17:26   Report Abuse
Looking at screen 1 looks like boxes inside a box.


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