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Mara must undertake a desperate information raid to learn about the Stellar Slayer. She allows herself to be captured near an orbital platform that was used as a staging area for the assault on Balfor. As an officer approaches to interrogate her, she realizes this may be her only chance. Break free, obtain all the information on the Stellar Slayer you can from the station's computer and escape! Author's note: This is a small single player level designed as a sequel to my first level "Meeting at Balfor".

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Download: Episode 2: Staging Area
File Size: 363k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Michael Chastant
Downloads: 2734


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 7
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AV_FluffyZeckPosted: 07/22/00 01:37   Report Abuse
I have meeting at balfor! And its pretty good acutally!The only thing rong is that i have to be a girl!O,Well!Well all i wanted to do was congratualate u for making good lvls!


VegokenPosted: 10/19/00 10:42   Report Abuse
I enjoyed this level and hope to see more of these level and story ideas in the future..i guess my only comment is that i wish there were more levels to go through. But I had a blast with these levels.


DarthyunPosted: 11/17/00 18:56   Report Abuse
Ireally dont see why mara had to be captured.I mean being a girl is cool!Why you ask?Because Iam in love with TOMB RAIDER[1,2,3,4,5]!


AtomEntityPosted: 05/16/01 14:22   Report Abuse
It's a good level. The way you have to bust out of an interrogation cell is fun, so is the part about the experimental technology and all that, and the skins are good too. I gave it a 7.


Gee_4cePosted: 08/25/01 12:31   Report Abuse
A superb sequel to Meeting at Balfor, which introdcues some new enemies. The snipers and the Dark Troopers scared me very much the first time I encountered them. A very well executed level. Let's hope that the so-called third episode of this story is as good.


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