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A few small single player levels. They take place in temples, canyons, and ships.

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Download: SP Level Pack
File Size: 870k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: DarkMaul2
Downloads: 2022


Score (0-10): 2
# of Ratings: 7
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finity1Posted: 07/12/00 03:08   Report Abuse
This is a funny pack, i personaly use it to test new patches. I really like the first one, called haunted house. Awesome sound FXs!


BD_5000Posted: 07/18/00 23:17   Report Abuse
This level pack stinks it is so weired an objective is complete when you don't do anything and the haunted house level is the smallist and the haunted house level is freaky! It has a whatever it's called in the air? That's just plain unreal! And the sound is so annyoing! rating=D D For Disaster!


AKPiggottPosted: 08/14/00 22:15   Report Abuse
Don't get it, it was rather pathetic, most especially the moaning noises in the haunted house, they sounded more funny than scary. The author should understand that a sound SP level requires a proper plot and stories, and not just something thrown together that doesn't make sense.


Darth KanPosted: 08/25/00 22:08   Report Abuse
This pack is fun but is just plain retarded


cimmy_2000Posted: 09/03/00 03:23   Report Abuse
one word for this level pack "boring"


TJ_Coran_HornPosted: 09/26/00 15:35   Report Abuse
I'm sorry for the author, but the levels are not good. I know it is difficult to make levels but when you see they are not good don't send them!At least make a end! I guess it was your first levels, not too bad for a start, but send only levels you have given to friend to test.
Good luck for your futur levels
Coran horn


DarthyunPosted: 12/22/00 17:04   Report Abuse
give him a breake,i think it was cool

sorry about spellig and grammer]


SMOCK!!!Posted: 11/25/01 18:41   Report Abuse
it looks great but, here are a few things to work on:

1. flag the sky as sky!!!

2.try to make the vehicle solid.(whatever it is.)

3.Don't make me fight the same person more than once!

4.Give objectives.



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