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Carni Yooled was born on the planet Rosetta into a very privileged lifestyle. His father was the king of that prosperous planet, and a war hero from the Clone Wars. His father never said much about his adventures-instead Carni learned them from history books and other Clone war vets that sat on his fathers counsel. Carni traveled all over that world with his father and brother on official business. Rosetta was a large planet, and 90% of it was covered in water. Orbiting Rosetta was the massive Orbital Defense Matrix Platform known as the the ODeMP. The ODeMp was built after the clone wars as a protective device, but then fell into disrepair and became a sort of orbital Nar Shadda. After the clone wars, Rosetta isolated itself from all other galactic affairs, and became a haven for every type of person-criminal and non. Then, on Carniís 15th birthday a emissary from the rebellion arrived to speak with his father. The rebellion was in trouble and needed supplies. Carniís father reluctantly agreed. He did not want to see the rebellion die, however the stories that passing spacers told about the Empire were tales of ruthlessness. Rosetta soon started supplying the rebels with ships. It turned out to be a great mistake. In only a matter of time, the Empire learned of this and had a good excuse to make this planet pay. Rosetta was once one of the greatest military powers in the galaxy-but with outdated weaponry and the orbital platform unusable, Rosetta fell. Just before the invasion, Carni's father put him on a transport to the planet Alderaan His sister, who had married into the royal family would take care of him. As soon as the transport arrived, Carni immediately went to find anyone that could get him involved in the rebellion. The Empire would pay.

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Download: One Rebel's Sacrifice (1-9)
File Size: 7.27Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: C@rni
Downloads: 4303


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 18
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AKPiggottPosted: 06/29/00 17:35   Report Abuse
A nice level pack with a plot that draws the player in. It has some nice enhancements and several well made cutscenes, but feels rushed in places.


AS_ClonePosted: 06/29/00 18:07   Report Abuse
This is very very fun, If you like a challange then download this level pack!


Just_mePosted: 06/30/00 17:39   Report Abuse
It won't work.
i've done everything discribed in the readme but it won't work...


Weird_Al27Posted: 07/23/00 04:34   Report Abuse know this is a Single payer MotS level right?


TN_Jacen_SoloPosted: 08/05/00 22:04   Report Abuse
How do I beat that guy in D-T armor at the end? I've tried everything! Blasting him with every type of gun in the game, activating power control terminals, blasting power control terminals, activating and blasting evrything else, how much health does he have??? 100000??


CuyleePosted: 08/18/00 05:57   Report Abuse
I enjoyed these levels a lot, its worth the download..


Hummer_18_2000Posted: 08/24/00 19:38   Report Abuse
Overall, good level pack with good plot.

Fun to play. I would recommend downloading it.


DrizzletrooperPosted: 09/03/00 00:20   Report Abuse
i have the same problem as just_me! I can't get this level pack to work! And yes, i do know that this is a MotS Single player level pack! Somebody Help me!


Twi'lek_Chir'dakiPosted: 10/01/00 23:57   Report Abuse
it didn't work!
i did it the way i usualy do to!
neither way let me play it!!!!!!


mr_wierdoPosted: 10/15/00 01:49   Report Abuse
SPOILER: IF YOU HAVE NOT GOTTEN TO THE VERY END, DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT READ THIS!!!! However, if you are Jacen Solo, read ahead...

Jacen Solo, you must turn off the shields to beat the boss at the end!


Robert WillingPosted: 11/24/00 23:31   Report Abuse
Help. I Can't Open this level, I open it up under new game. one file almost opens but, like the others, says cannot open level. I even tried moving MOTS to c:/ to start it from your launcher. Nothing Works. HELP!!!!



mlehewPosted: 12/28/00 14:16   Report Abuse
I gave this level a zero because I couldn't play it. I did everything the readme file said to and it wouldn't work. The game would open up and it said Couldn't Load! I wasted my time downloading 7 megs. I deleted it. If someone could tell me how to get it to work, I'll download it again.


wazupmofosPosted: 12/29/00 23:10   Report Abuse
This level is very, very, very good. I only have some problems with it because my computer isn't very new. Anyway, these levels are some of the best on this web site.


The Wise JediPosted: 12/30/00 14:46   Report Abuse
These levels are very cool. This has a ok storyline and great puzzles.Over all very COOL LEVEL!



DarthBosskPosted: 02/11/01 14:31   Report Abuse
This level pack certainly is good, but there are some problems that make gameplay NO FUN at times. First off, glitches are not at all hard to find in this pack. Often little things you can walk on are left unflagged, making them difficult to walk on. But the series has some good parts, too. The author is very talented at making ships take off, and the storyline keeps you interested. New animations appeal, too. You will note that when the stormtroopers die, they fall drop dead with the animation that Kyle gets when dying with Sequencer Charge in hand. Also, a real nice touch is the kicking things. I love it! And it kills stormtroopers in two hits. Personally, I think the best levels are the Hoth level and the Espionage level. My older brother (the one on the Boam Chronicles story back at TACC) isn't with me in this idea, but I think the story turns out kinda' like Hamlet, cuz' every important dude is dead by the end!!


XD_Martin_BPosted: 02/17/01 17:08   Report Abuse
I'm really getting pissed off about this! I can't play the level it wont work!!! I've tried everything I even tried downloading it again I did everything it said to do in the "Install" and "readme" files WTF is wrong with it.
P.S. All other Single player files work for me in JK and MotS. AND I DO HAVE THE RETAIL VERSION. NO OEM OR DEMO


ILLuSiOn_WeAvErPosted: 02/18/01 03:42   Report Abuse
The problem with most people having trouble loading the level is that you did not extract the necessary files into a folder named "ors" in your MotS directory(as according to the install.txt file). Once you do this the game levels should load.


XD_Martin_BPosted: 02/20/01 16:04   Report Abuse


FirestormPosted: 06/28/01 08:02   Report Abuse
Only fools can't get this level pack to work cause they are too stupid to read the install and follow it step by step.

This level pack is great. Its has a cool story and its all in the background of the trilogies (which makes u know other stuff was happening instead of han hitting on leia). here are the a list of things that stoped me from giving it a 10 (i gave it an 8)

1- some surfaces aren't flaged
2- sometimes it leaves u with that (where do i go to next fealing).
3-That ending wasn't quite good i mean we all know he was going to die right? heck its 1 rebel's sacrifice but it didn't seem that important and the ending wasn't incredible enough.

Now the good things about this level.

1- New skins
2- New keys
3- New weapons
4- The levels themselves while not the best looking, were quite fun. In fact this level pack is more like a remake of an old NES platformer just in 3d. Theres lots of old school jumps and traps which is quite a welcome in this. This is one of those level packs u play for fun more then u play to find out what happens. Very good.


Chaos KnightPosted: 09/09/01 21:45   Report Abuse
Oh boy! Oh boy! Finally I can see the last three levels of ORS! I've been waiting a long time for this!


The Digimon EmperorPosted: 09/26/01 22:57   Report Abuse
Great level! But, HOW do I turn off the shields in the final level?


BlackadderPosted: 12/24/01 13:26   Report Abuse
this level is well mint! download it now!!!


MasterJediLukePosted: 04/27/02 11:19   Report Abuse
It's a very good level pack. Btw, if you have trouble with the end-boss... it's encoded below...

teg mih ot og ni eht thgil meab, neht sserp eht egatlov lortnoc litnu eh seid!!! it's so easy to work out!


8t88Posted: 01/08/03 03:37   Report Abuse
Nothing special at all about this level pack....

Nice cutscenes, and true to the Star Wars movies, but that's about it. The Levels were BORING....

Architecure wasn't bad, but texturing has terrible. It just ruined the level. ALOT of colormap problems. Too many bad guys grouped together also ruined the experience. And also, alot of redundant rooms...

I give this level a 5 just for the effort. Alot of work went into these level pack, but for some reason, it looks like it was rushed...

I would recommend the download just to see the cool cutscenes...


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