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This is Episode 1 of the "Terror on the Rim" series I am creating. Mara travels to Balfor to obtain information from a New Republic courier only to find the planet is under attack by the Empire. This is the first of my levels I have felt was good enough to release. I hope you enjoy it.

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Download: Meeting at Balfor
File Size: 473k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Michael Chastant
Downloads: 2563


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 6
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DrasHemporPosted: 07/29/00 05:28   Report Abuse
Good Level. Nice and big with lotsa stuff to kill and a whole buncha different paths =P


Plasma ManPosted: 08/28/00 21:14   Report Abuse
INteresting level. Recomended for those people who like SP levels with lots of enemies.


Gee_4cePosted: 08/25/01 12:29   Report Abuse
Nice. Very nice indeed. There are some excellent moments where you are swarmed by enemies. If you're brave enough, you can even take down AT-ST's with your blaster. The only problem is that some areas of the level have a 'monorail' nature (i.e, a single route from which you cannot deviate) although these are offset by the many routes that you come across later on. A worthy beginning to what I understand is a three-level story.


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