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This level is based on the Multiplayer emperor's throne room with a few modifications to better fit with the movie. This level is based on my other level Episode VI: Return of the Jedi for those who want a harder challenge. Here you again play as Luke Skywalker and again you fight Darth Vader. But now the Death Star is in the process of exploding! If you don't beat him quickly you may both die!

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Download: Final Battle: Lethal Edition
File Size: 397k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Merlin
Downloads: 2648


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 15
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AKPiggottPosted: 06/29/00 17:44   Report Abuse
Download this instead of the non-lethal edition, it's more fun and exciting. Novice players may find the original a bit more at their pace.


MalosinPosted: 07/13/00 19:56   Report Abuse
Though, most likely, the death star exploding was added to make this level more intense, it does not better suit the movie because during the battle between Vader and Luke, the death star was not on its way to certain destruction. Unless you already read the script.


TN_Jacen_SoloPosted: 08/24/00 13:27   Report Abuse
But the death star explodes wether you know about it or not!


Twi'lek_Chir'dakiPosted: 10/02/00 00:24   Report Abuse
I would give this level a ten


aPPmaSTerPosted: 10/12/00 20:24   Report Abuse
VADER DOESN'T DO ANYTHING!!! I don't get it, he just stands there!!! Anyway, it wasn't a bad idea, but it could have been recunstructed instead of using the MP arena. It would also be fun to have to get to your shuttle after you kill the Emperor and have a countdown. That would be way more exciting!


XD_Martin_BPosted: 10/19/00 18:36   Report Abuse
YO, when I play it vader doesn't do anything he just stands there!!!!! I strongly, very strongly suggest you please do this level over because the idea seemed good.


joeby_joePosted: 10/28/00 19:04   Report Abuse
the whole idea of this is amazing and is why so many people downloaded it but if vader fought back then it would of been better. the first one was better than this one because there was the emperor that fought if not vader. if the maker would redo this level and make both vader and the emperor to fight back then it would probably get a higher mark.


DarthyunPosted: 11/17/00 19:07   Report Abuse
I like this.It;s way beter than the frist 1!


ExcaliburPosted: 12/28/00 20:25   Report Abuse
As I recall in Return of the Jedi vader didn't just stand there doing nothing during the final duel with Luke.


Darth TristanPosted: 12/30/00 17:53   Report Abuse
Could the author maybe re-post this? Make it so You battle the emperor as well? Also make it so that Vader actully does something!! Please?


jpb_palpatinePosted: 04/15/01 21:09   Report Abuse
Guys why are you blaming the author of this addon.He is a true man.You must have real guts to show to the people how bad you are at making sp leves.Keep up man a little more and you will become the worst programmer ever


AtomEntityPosted: 05/16/01 14:31   Report Abuse
Palpatine, go shove your head up an exhaust tube. We're just expressing our true feelings (are those are VERY ANGRY AND DISAPPOINTED). I mean, you'd think a complete redo would make it exciting (instead it's only time limited; I hate time limits for 1, for 2, when it's a time limit on a level you could beat with your eyes closed, it is REALLY dumb). And finally, George Lucas (my idol) clearly made his movie that allowed Luke to survive more than twenty blows with lightning, not 1. I would say try, try again like in the last one, but I'm not so sure that we'd WANT another level like this.


_SL_KylePosted: 08/02/01 17:02   Report Abuse
I punched vader to death. is he supposed to do somtin?


Chaos KnightPosted: 09/09/01 21:42   Report Abuse
YO! AUTHOR OF THIS PARTICULAR LEVEL!!! Like the people said, Vader doesn't just STAND THERE while Luke is kicking his ass! And I believe that Palpatine should have made an attempt to destroy Luke UTTERLY after Vader was beaten? Huh? What the hell happened? You could've at LEAST made Vader a ripoff of Dark Kyle or Dark Mara with a different skin and noises! Here's a few tips to make this level TRULY a reflection of the movie:

1. As said before, Vader should DO SOMETHING! FIX VADER ALREADY!

2. Get rid of all the d@mn explosions. In the MOVIE, there were NO EXPLOSIONS. The Death Star wasn't blowing up while Luke and Vader were killing each other!

3. When Vader is beaten, show a CUTSCENE, wherein Palpatine tries to fry Luke's @ss off, but ends up being flung over the edge by Vader (modified skin with one arm).

4. As an added bonus, add a second level where Luke has to run like hell to get to the Shuttle in a certain amount of time. End THIS with the heart breaking cutscene where Luke says his final goodbye to his dear ol' dad. I garentee this'd be a success.


PedgeSickBoyPosted: 11/27/01 08:54   Report Abuse
Just needs some work is all. I know its not good to be altering other peoples art but I did this for my own personal use. Made a better emperor face. Did not care for the other one.
I also uploaded the bmp...use this for anything you guys want. It's not the best but I like.


PedgeSickBoyPosted: 11/27/01 08:54   Report Abuse
Yes there photos. Hehe


PedgeSickBoyPosted: 11/27/01 09:02   Report Abuse
Chaos is right...i gave you a good empty face..(im picky)
Give us the goods!!! Give us a full level...


Keith MarshallPosted: 08/11/02 18:30   Report Abuse
I played the non-lethal edition and all vader did was stand there. Then I saw that there was a lethal edition so I downloaded that. When I played the lethal edition all he did was stand there to. Where is all the action at? I gave this level a 3 because there was no action and it didn't have Emperoer palpatine in his chair like in the movie.


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