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This level is based on the Multiplayer emperor's throne room with a few modifications to better fit with the movie. You play as Luke Skywalker as you battle your grip using lightsaber throwing father Darth Vader! Once he is defeated get ready for the next challenge.

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Download: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi: Final Battle
File Size: 1.06Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Merlin
Downloads: 4929


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 19
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AKPiggottPosted: 06/29/00 17:39   Report Abuse
Not a very accurate reconstruction, but fun nonetheless.


TN_Jacen_SoloPosted: 08/01/00 15:17   Report Abuse
Why dosen't vader do anything? maybe it was a bad download...


AKPiggottPosted: 08/08/00 22:20   Report Abuse
It wasn't accurate at all, and Vader stands still, I'd rather download the lethal edition, it is less accurate, but much more fun and fast paced.


joeby_joePosted: 10/27/00 20:28   Report Abuse
this is a level in witch you are luke skywalker. darth vader stands there. you kill him with no effort spent. and then the emperor kills you with electricity. this level is preety pointless unless you like to mess about and use cheats.


AtomEntityPosted: 05/16/01 14:26   Report Abuse
Ok, as only "constructive criticism" is allowed, all I'll say is this: if at first you don't succeed, try, try again (unless your level is SO BAD that I gave it a 0 (which I did)). Maybe that new lethal edition would be better...


probableturnipPosted: 06/05/01 18:26   Report Abuse
Er..... Where to start. It's not really had much time put into it to say the least. Could of been better. Vader isn't exactly hard but the Emperor is. As I said could of been a lot better. I think I got bored of it after about 2 go's.


JeremyPosted: 06/15/01 21:42   Report Abuse
Vader just stood still, he didn't even fight back.


Daft_VaderPosted: 09/09/01 04:14   Report Abuse
This level certainly isn't going to win any awards. It was a duplicate of the multiplayer throneroom only with a lifeless Darth Vader and a silly little emperor who shoots lightning.

Did I mention he is impossible to beat. Well, actually, no he isn't. To my belief weapons and lightsaber tricks don't kill him. However, afterr you kill Vader, get in a position onthe other side of the Death Sar's core (like in the movie). Although Darth won't throww him over, if you use force push at just the right moment, you can knock him down the shaft and win the level.

Still, its a bad level, although even bad levels can be fun sometimes...for practice and a good laugh!


NightLinkPosted: 12/09/01 02:30   Report Abuse
Well it was a good idea and all except for the one major problem of vader does nothing. He just stands there and takes the beating. Then we got the emperor who you just need to put on the absorb and lay it into him and hes an easy finish as well. All in all i gave you a zero because it was just way to easy an


Darth TristanPosted: 03/16/02 17:04   Report Abuse
Hey! People! I think that it is just this download, because I downloaded it from TACC, and Vader attacked me. He is VERY hard to beat!


Beatles_D.Bowie_R. StonesPosted: 06/26/02 02:20   Report Abuse
An okay level, but vader dosen't do anything (he only stands there and repeadlety uses grip on you), and it's notvery true to the movie, and the level is just a slightly modofied MP map. But still, A fun level, If you just want to fight someone quickly, or hone your gameplaying abilities. Not a nessceary download, but Id you'd like to download it, go right ahead. You may like, you may not.


sith oblivionPosted: 06/19/03 17:36   Report Abuse
Hehehe, this map rocks, but, it would have be more fun if darth vader didnt just stand there, well, i liked it however


CalhounPosted: 09/04/03 08:14   Report Abuse
Darth Vader moves for me, I had to set my Difficulty Setting to the Medium setting or the last; I haven't played the level in a long time but one of those settings will work


cbPosted: 12/07/04 16:27   Report Abuse
Raise the difficulty setting to medium to get Vader to do something. This is not something players should have to do to play a working level. Vader should work in easy. Oh well, once that's done the level is great! Force absorb never came in more handy...


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