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This is a somewhat small single player level that showcases an innovative style of gameplay and puts you in the armor of an imperial stormtrooper hunting down an escaping criminal.

Nebula's Link: Solar Wind Productions


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Level Info:

Download: Streets of Mos Eisley
File Size: 828k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Nebula
Downloads: 4623


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 17
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The TrackerPosted: 07/06/00 02:42   Report Abuse
This was an amazing level. It wasn't just another small and pointless level. This designer's work still impresses me.


BugscanPosted: 07/07/00 17:29   Report Abuse
This is a cool lvl. You should make a series of these.


DarkJediPosted: 07/11/00 21:18   Report Abuse
Cool level. I like the way Mos Eisley was made. The stormtrooper character I really like. Right on!


BD_5000Posted: 07/18/00 23:21   Report Abuse
This level is the best! The little cave maze is the bomb! I wish you can make more levels like this one!


BOD_149Posted: 07/30/00 04:50   Report Abuse


Knightmare_XPosted: 08/10/00 05:32   Report Abuse
the level was cool, but you should make a whole series of a COPS of star-wars. the only thing that i didnt like was i had to shoot the tusken too many times. oh well....great level.


TosshkPosted: 08/11/00 23:29   Report Abuse
This an excellent level. The architectural design and textures were great. Playing this level makes you feel like you are really in Mos Eisley. I am very impressed by the author's work. Another level like this one would be great. And again, great job!


GwyainthPosted: 08/15/00 22:39   Report Abuse
Great level i love chasing him down! Especially the subtitles that was cool!
Nice level, and i agree you should make more!


finity1Posted: 08/16/00 04:06   Report Abuse
Did someone say stormtroopers? I love stormtroopers! Awesome level, and cool ST.


Exar_KunPosted: 09/09/00 18:18   Report Abuse
How come the tusken wouldnt die? Other than that great level.


JaimePosted: 11/08/00 23:47   Report Abuse

i gave this a 10 for the cantina. it was excellent.


Darth_BretttPosted: 12/29/00 01:04   Report Abuse
Great level, Mos Eisley looks great. Dash Rendars Ship the Outrider was a nice touch.


MBHG_Jodo_KastPosted: 12/30/00 01:03   Report Abuse
I think that this level would have been a lot better if it had been part of a level pack like AKPiggot's The Search For Leia. I like how you can be a stormtrooper because too many levels just have plain boring characters that mean nothing to the level.


The Wise JediPosted: 12/30/00 14:16   Report Abuse
The arcatecture was very good and the leval was too! The chasing was the funnest part. We should make more of these.


The Dark HunterPosted: 05/22/01 14:13   Report Abuse
Although this level was short it was brill, i liked the cantina, i gave it a ten.


Daft_VaderPosted: 09/08/01 21:29   Report Abuse
This level is very fun. I wish more people would make levels where you can fight rebels and commom thugs as a stormtrooper or Imperial officer. I really wish someone with talent could create a level that revolves around you, a stormtrooper platoon's sergeant, and a squad of, say six, stormtroopers armed with cool weaponry and gadgets. You could command your troops and have various missions in a virtual Mos Eisley, protecting it from sand people raids, enforcing the law, and maybe even shutting down a few rebel blackmarkets, or possibly guarding a high ranking Imperial from an assanitation. I also wish someone could make a portable E-web and a dewback.

Anyway, back to the level, it was short, but creative and fun, while the idea of being a stormtrooper was interesting and innovative.


DarthDoobyPosted: 09/09/01 08:23   Report Abuse
This lvl rocks the house nearly cracking its foundation. I give you the author 'SNAPS' for the finnaly intelligent idea of making the central charracter a Stormtrooper instead of a jedi. HEY jedi are cool, but, everyone is creating lvls with different jedi. I hate to break this to ya people but in the time frame your setting these games there aren't a whole lot of em around. I rate this lvl a 10 for originality and a snappy, 'SNAPS', environment of a distinctly Tatooine feel. Great Work!

Funk Soul Brotha like No Otha,


ValenwoodPosted: 01/07/02 16:36   Report Abuse
This is one of the best levels I have downloaded. It was just what I was looking for -- straightforward fun. I've given it an eight, just because it was a little too short, but other than that I loved it. PLEASE someone, make more levels like this! It's so much more fulfilling than most of the really long complicated levels (although they are very good too!)
One Word Summary : Booka!


ValenwoodPosted: 01/07/02 16:41   Report Abuse
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the grappling hook -- that was the coolest weapon I have ever used.


Keith MarshallPosted: 08/11/02 19:06   Report Abuse
SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSWWWWEEEEEEETTTTTT Level! ITs really fun being a stormtrooper. It kinda reminds me of the show COPS were the bad guy always runs and the police have to chase em down. Great job, I give it a nine because its short. Keep up the good work!


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